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Thousands of doctors in Poland protest against overtime deals
Thousands of doctors have disrupted services at some hospitals in Poland, including children's wards, in protest against overtime deals.
More young people suffering from colorectal cancer in China: Doctors
Chinese doctors said incidence of colorectal cancer has been rising among young white-collar workers due to unhealthy lifestyles and eating habits.
Doctors develop new DNA test for Down's syndrome
Doctors have developed a more accurate test for Down’s syndrome and two rarer genetic disorders that are so serious the children often die soon after birth.
Doctors braced for winter flu outbreak amid fears over vaccine
Doctors in Britain are bracing themselves for an outbreak of flu in the next few weeks that could match Australia’s recent epidemic — one of the worst for a decade.
After medical errors, patients want doctors to hear them out
When medical errors lead to serious injuries, patients and families may feel better when doctors take the time to listen to their feelings about the mistake and explain what can be done to prevent it from happening again, a small study suggests.
Doctors Without Borders warns Bangladesh refugee camps on brink of 'health disaestr'
Doctors Without Borders has warned that refugee camps in Bangladesh are on the brink of a "health disaster" amid an influx of Rohingya Muslims from neighboring Myanmar.
Doctors urge shingles vaccine to be used in arthritis patients
Researchers at Oregon Health and Science University found that the live varicella-zoster, or shingles, vaccine boosts the immune response in arthritis patients.
Some doctors still prescribe too many opioids
A report out from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that use of these highly addictive narcotic pain meds dropped in the last few years. But a closer look at the numbers in the CDC study reveals another, more troubling trend: Some doctors are still overprescribing opioids, which puts lives at risk.
Vatican’s children hospital cuts corners to make profit: Probe
When doctors and nurses at the Vatican's showcase children's hospital complained in 2014 that corners were being cut and medical protocols ignored, the Vatican responded by ordering up a secret in-house investigation.
Doctors warn against placenta pills after baby's illness
A group of doctors is warning against a growing trend among celebrities and some new parents that sees moms consume the placenta after birth in an effort to stave off postpartum symptoms.
Doctors should not screen for thyroid cancer in adults
Doctors should not screen for thyroid cancer in adults who have no signs or symptoms of the disease, an influential US panel recommended.
New CERN particle accelerator may help both doctors, art sleuths
A new particle accelerator unveiled at CERN — the European physics research center — is expected to spawn portable accelerators that could help doctors treat cancer patients and experts analyze artwork.
Doctors who are mothers face discrimination
About two thirds of female physicians with children have experienced gender discrimination and one third report discrimination due to pregnancy, maternity leave or breastfeeding, according to a survey conducted last year.
Dutch doctors against 'life complete' assisted suicide
Medical professionals in the Netherlands have strongly criticized a proposed law that would allow people who believe they have lived their lives to the fullest and have nothing more to gain to seek assisted death.
Doctors find meaning in their work less likely to feel burnout
Doctors, who feel burned out or overwhelmed by the demands of work, are less likely to view their work with patients as a ‘calling’ that has meaning, according to a recent study.

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