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Women with diabetes have higher cancer risk
The increased risk of cancer in people with diabetes is higher for women than men, a new study finds.
Diabetic women at greater risk of cancer than men, according to new study
Diabetes is linked with an increased risk of developing cancer particularly among women, new research suggested.
Stopping type 1 diabetes from birth
Experts believe they may have found a way to prevent high risk babies from developing type 1 diabetes.
Air pollution linked to 3.2m new diabetes cases in one year
A new study suggested there’s a link between air pollution and diabetes.
Mom's diabetes may be tied to baby's autism risk
Pregnant women who have any form of diabetes may face higher odds that their child could develop autism, a new study suggested.
Delivering insulin in a pill
Given the choice of taking a pill or injecting oneself with a needle, most of us would opt to regulate a chronic health condition by swallowing a pill. But for millions of people living with type 1 diabetes, a painful needle prick once or twice daily is the only option for delivering the insulin that their bodies cannot produce on their own.
White pigment used in paint and candy may increase the risk of diabetes
Researchers found that crystalline particles of titanium dioxide were found in pancreas specimens with Type 2 diabetes, suggesting that exposure to the white pigment is associated with the disease.
Mental illness and diabetes can be a fatal combination. Here’s why
People with severe mental illness are more than twice as likely to have Type 2 diabetes, with even higher risks among patients who are African American or Hispanic.
Researchers change clinical practice for infants with diabetes
Infants with diabetes can drop insulin syringes. This will be new clinical practice after a recent study, now published in Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology. Researchers from Bergen and Exeter have been leading the work, which causes children worldwide to replace insulin syringes with tablets.
Abnormal lipid metabolism predicts future weight gain, diabetes in women
The inefficient breakdown of fats predicts later weight gain and metabolic complications such as type 2 diabetes in women, researchers reported in the journal Cell Metabolism.
60% of diabetics suffer from urologic diseases
By Sadeq Dehqan & Zahra A’rabi
Weight loss and combating diabetes can reduce pancreatic cancer risk
Pancreatic cancer symptoms include stomach and back pain, nausea and blood clots. For diabetes type 2 sufferers, they are at greater risk of developing the condition owing to their symptoms. You should do this to lower your risk.
Artificial sweeteners and diabetes, experts give final word on their link
Are artificial sweeteners beneficial for diabetics? The link between the two has always been under debate. Many diabetes patients are asked to swap sugar with artificial sweetener in their meals. But is it really as healthy as advertised?
Cinnamon could reverse type 2 diabetes
Cinnamon has been found to reduce blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity in people with type 2 diabetes, making the spice an easy way to manage or even reverse the disease.
Starting early: Getting kids to a good weight by 13 may help avoid diabetes
Diabetes can develop when the body can’t properly use insulin to turn food into energy. Being overweight at any age raises the chances of the most common form, Type 2.

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