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Saudi Arabia helpless in facing Yemenis' steadfastness: Commentator
A commentator believes the United States’ secret deployment of a team of elite commandos to the Yemeni border to help the Saudi military in battles against the Houthi Ansarullah movement shows Riyadh’s “helplessness” in facing the Yemenis' “steadfastness” in confronting the years-long war on the impoverished Arab nation.
Qatar right about Hamas being legitimate resistance group: Commentator
Max Igan, a radio host and political commentator, believes the Qatari foreign minister's comments about Hamas being a “legitimate resistance movement” not a terror outfit are completely right, reasoning that the organization is resisting Israel’s policy of ethnic cleansing against Palestinians.
Morocco uprising in line with West’s interests: Commentator
A political analyst says the overthrow of the Moroccan government through "the expansion of the Muslim Brotherhood" serves the West's interests.
McCain, part of US oligarchy that thrives on war: Commentator
Hawkish US Republican Senator John McCain has once again accused Moscow of waging a war against the United States. He says Russia’s alleged cyberattacks against US political organizations to influence the 2016 presidential election amount to an “act of war.”
Aleppo liberation to tilt balance of war in Syria army's favor: Commentator
Syrian forces are on the brink of winning eastern Aleppo. Almost half of the region has already been freed from the clutch of terrorists and is under the army’s control. Many observers believe that terrorist outfits will be reined in once eastern Aleppo is reclaimed completely, unless the US and its regional allies want to continue their incendiary measures. In this episode of The Debate, Press TV has spoken to James Jatras, a former US Senate foreign policy analyst from Washington, and Jim Walsh, with MIT's Security Studies Program from Boston, to revisit the Syrian army’s latest advancements in Aleppo and see how this might change Washington's approach.
Daesh uses CWs supplied by West to contain Mosul battle: Commentator
The Daesh Takfiri terrorists have fired mortars containing chemical agents against civilian areas south of the Iraqi city of Mosul. The attack comes days after New York-based Human Rights Watch warned against the use of toxic chemicals by Daesh in areas near Mosul in an attempt to keep its last stronghold in the war-torn country as Iraqi forces press ahead with a large-scale operation to liberate the northern city.
Veteran Egyptian journalist Heikal dies at 92
Egyptian journalist and political commentator Mohamed Hassanein Heikal died on February 17 at the age of 92.
Snapback mechanism hinders JCPOA: Commentator
An Iranian political commentator says a mechanism envisaged in a UN Security Council resolution allowing the snapback of sanctions against Iran will hinder a recently reached nuclear conclusion between Iran and the P5+1 world powers, Press TV reports.

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