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Most Americans say US at ‘lowest point' in history: Poll
A majority of Americans say they are “stressed” about the future of the US and think the current period is the “lowest point” in the country’s history, according to a new poll.
71% of Americans say politics has reached a 'dangerous low point': Poll
The majority of Americans believe that politics in the United States have reached a "dangerous low point" under President Donald Trump, according to a new poll.
Americans push their kids harder in sports than school
There's a dichotomy and inconsistency among many of today's American parents. Many parents aren't afraid to push their children really hard when it comes to athletics and emphasize the connection between hard work and athletic achievement.
Exercise should be fun
By Kristi Stone Hamrick*
Most Americans fear major war under Trump: Poll
The majority of Americans fear the United States will get involved in a major war during President Donald Trump’s first term in office, with most people viewing North Korea as the biggest threat to the country, according to a new poll.
Middle-age Americans in 2017 are less healthy than prior generations (video)
As Americans in their 50s move toward retirement age, many are in worse overall health than their peers in prior generations, researchers warned.
Iran expresses sympathy to Americans over heinous Las Vegas shooting
The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman has extended his sympathies to the Americans over the “heinous crime” in Las Vegas, Nevada, the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.
'Poor leadership is playing golf while Americans die’, Scarborough tells Trump
Former Republican Congressman and MSNBC host Joe Scarborough has denounced US President Donald Trump’s verbal assault on the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, after she begged for help in handling the crisis and devastation caused by Hurricane Maria.
Why 23 million Americans don’t have fast Internet (video)
In rural America slow Internet can mean more than missing shows on Netflix. Poor service limits access to health, business, and education opportunities that are readily available in urban locations with fast networks.
Millions of Americans mired in poverty despite US economic recovery: Study
More than 50 million Americans -- a sixth of the US population -- live in districts that are mired in a “deep ongoing recession”, with rising unemployment and a shrinking business base, according to a new study that underscores the uneven nature of the US economic recovery.
Americans making big plans to make a big purchase (video)
Survey: 1 out of 2 of all Americans say they're very likely to buy things like furniture, a TV or an airline ticket before the end of the year
More and more older Americans are slipping into poverty
There was good news in the Census Bureau's poverty report for most age groups in America. The data revealed one concerning trend, however: Rising poverty among older Americans.
More than half of Americans have battled obesity (video)
A new study is pointing to the growing health crisis surrounding obesity in America. Researchers at Boston University say that more than half of all men and women in the country have been obese at some point in their lives.
Americans protest Trump's decision to scrap DACA
Students in the United States walked out of their schools in protest at Donald Trump's decision to end a program that protected 800,000 young immigrants from deportation.
Americans claim impeachment best response to Trump
The results of the monthly national poll — conducted by Harvard University's Center for American Political Studies and the research marketing firm Harris Insights and Analytics — published this week showed that 43 percent of voting Americans want Trump removed from office one way or another, 42 percent would prefer to leave things as they are while 12 percent said he should be censured by Congress.

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