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Road to homeownership gets rockier for Americans
Road to homeownership gets rockier for Americans
1 in 5 Americans have joined protests or rallies in reaction to Trump: Poll
Tens of millions of Americans have joined protests and rallies in the past two years, often due to admiration or outrage toward President Donald Trump, a new poll reveals.
Most Americans support tougher gun control measures: Poll
The majority of Americans support stricter gun control laws seven weeks after the mass shooting at a high school in Florida, according to a new
Americans less likely to trust Facebook than rivals on personal data
Fewer than half of Americans trust Facebook (FB.O) to obey U.S. privacy laws, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Sunday, illustrating the challenge facing the social media network after a scandal over its handling of personal information.
Iranian-Americans decry Bolton pick at Trump's war cabinet
The National Iranian American Council (NIAC) on Friday slammed US President Donald Trump's appointment of John Bolton as National Security Advisor warning that "with Bolton pick, Trump is assembling an Iran war cabinet".
Most Americans believe 'deep state' manipulates US government: Poll
A majority of Americans believe a “deep state” that operates outside the democratic system exists within the US government and is secretly controlling national policy, according to a new survey.
Americans drinking a daily cup of coffee at highest level
The number of Americans drinking a daily cup of coffee is at the highest level since 2012, with demand continuing to get a boost from at-home consumption and gourmet drinks, an industry study showed.
Over half of Americans think  you must earn $1m a year to be rich
Americans have varying ideas of how much money you need to earn each year to be considered ‘rich’, but most people say you need to bring in at least $1 million per year.
85% of Americans unhappy with Congress: Poll
A majority of Americans, regardless of party allegiance, disapprove of the US Congress, a fresh poll shows.
Majority of young Americans say US on wrong track: Poll
A majority of young Americans believe the United States is on the wrong track and disapprove of the way President Donald Trump is handling his job, according to a new poll.
Study: Americans getting more sleep than they did in 2003
New research suggested that people are sleeping a few more minutes each night than they used to.
Americans don’t trust Trump with authority to order nuclear attacks: Poll
A majority of Americans don't trust US President Donald Trump with the authority to order nuclear attacks on other countries, a new poll finds.
Half of Americans question Trump’s mental stability: Poll
Almost half of Americans believe US President Donald Trump is not mentally stable while majorities continue to disapprove of his job performance, a new poll shows.
Most Americans say social media is making the news worse
Americans say social media is hurting the news.
The last straw: Is time up for this plastic relic?
Every day, Americans throw away 500 million plastic straws, enough to circle the Earth twice, or fill 125 school buses.

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