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Two-thirds of American adults get news from social media
About two-thirds of American adults are getting ’at least some of their news on social media’ with two-in-ten doing so often, according to a Pew Research Center survey this week.
Suicide rate among teenage girls hit 40-year high: Report
New figures from the US government show that the suicide rate for American teenagers rose significantly between 2007 and 2015, amid an increase in suicides in the overall population.
Russia poised to expel 30 US diplomats
Press reports from Russia on Tuesday suggested that it is poised to expel around 30 US diplomats and freeze some US assets in a retaliatory move against Washington.
Support for impeachment of Trump grows: Poll
A growing number of American voters say they want US President Donald Trump impeached, a new opinion poll shows.
African American family kicked off JetBlue flight over birthday cake
An African American family has been kicked off a JetBlue flight for carrying a birthday cake that flight crew said posed a “safety risk.”
Malaria still plagues American travelers
US public health officials declared victory over malaria in 1951, but the mosquito-borne disease continues to infect and kill American travelers, a new study shows.
American fern inspires new solar storage solution
Energy storage has been a leading obstacle to widespread adoption of solar energy, but that may be about to change.
Daylight saving time for Americans means losing an hour's sleep
For most Americans, daylight saving time means only one thing: losing an hour's sleep. So what is the point?
Trump calls US media ‘enemy of the American people’
US President Donald Trump is continuing his attacks on the country’s media, calling a number of news organizations the "enemy of the American people" in an extraordinary rebuke of the press.
American poet hails Hafez as true teacher
An American poet and interpreter of mystical poetry, Daniel Ladinsky has hailed the Persian lyric poet Hafez as a poet who can help a person lead a better life.
'Change Electoral College,' Sanders questions American democracy
US Senator Bernie Sanders has called for changing the Electoral College, in the wake of the electors' overwhelming vote to seal President-elect Donald Trump’s November 8 victory.
Trump has no proof, but rigging elections is all-American: Analyst
US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has no proof that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is stealing the 2016 election from him, says political analyst and activist Myles Hoenig, but “rigging elections is all-American.”
Trump’s truths are aimed at American Deep State: Scholar
US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is targeting the American Deep State – a loosely organized cabal who has taken power away from the official government – by blurting out various unspeakable truths, American scholar Dr. Kevin Barrett says.
Negligent Central American leaders fuel refugee crisis
One word could undoubtedly summarize the past year with painful precision: Refugees.
'American people were loser in Sunday night's presidential debate'
The American people lost in Sunday night's presidential debate between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, according to an American political analyst and activist.

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