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Dozens of African refugees drown off coast of Yemen
At least 30 African refugees and migrants drowned off the coast of Yemen after the boat they were travelling on capsized. Smugglers reportedly also fired on passengers.
UNHCR says Israel should halt policy of relocating African refugees
The United Nations refugee agency has called on Israeli authorities to scrap a new program that forces thousands of African refugees out of the occupied territories.
Ghana among seven African countries beating malnutrition
Ghana has been listed among seven African countries that are winning the fight against malnutrition. These countries are succeeding in the effort to provide nutrition to all, according to a report by the Malabo Montpelier Panel.
Making education meaningful and relevant in African countries
In Africa, achieving a meaningful and relevant education means addressing a web of challenges in society in order to attain a transformative outcome.
African nations turn to bond markets for finance needs
When Ghana became the first west African nation to enter the international bond markets a decade ago this month, it was part of a flurry of debt-raising in the world’s least developed region.
Stress, poverty may explain high rates of dementia in African-Americans
New research found that African-Americans who grow up in harsh environments and endure stressful experiences are much more likely to develop Alzheimer's or some other form of dementia.
Study: Ebola burial teams dramatically reduced West Africa outbreak
Red Cross volunteers prevented a significant number of Ebola cases during the 2013-2016 epidemic in West Africa by using safe burial techniques, according to a study.
African American family kicked off JetBlue flight over birthday cake
An African American family has been kicked off a JetBlue flight for carrying a birthday cake that flight crew said posed a “safety risk.”
African-Americans more likely to be wrongfully convicted
African-Americans are far more likely to be wrongfully convicted of crimes such as murder, assault and illegal drug activity than whites due to factors including racial bias and official misconduct, a study released on Tuesday said.
Militants in Central African Republic executed 32 civilians in December: HRW
Human Rights Watch (HRW) has revealed details of the execution of at least 32 civilians by an armed group in the lawless heart of the Central African Republic late last year.
Morocco joins African Union years after rift over Western Sahara
The African Union admitted Morocco as a member on Tuesday, more than three decades after Rabat withdrew from the bloc's predecessor over a row about the status of Western Sahara.
Morocco rejoins African Union after 33 years of absence
The African Union has readmitted Morocco into the bloc 33 years after its withdrawal over the still existing Western Sahara dispute.
UN chief commends African countries for accepting refugees
The UN Secretary General commended African countries for opening their borders to refugees and people fleeing violence while other parts of the world, including the developed West, close boundaries and build walls.
African bond issuance slumps to six-year low
Sovereign bond issuance by African countries plunged to its lowest level since 2010 last year as skittish investors pushed up yields and balked at much of the proposed new borrowing.
Conservation practices may leave indigenous African populations behind
Conservation and logging groups in Central and West Africa are failing to fully incorporate local concerns into management, marginalizing the livelihoods of the local population, according to Nathan Clay, PhD candidate in geography, Pennsylvania State, the US.

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