Yes, you heard that right, the boss in charge of Europe’s biggest oil company say his next car will be electric.
Oil tycoon promises his next car will be electric
A chance discovery has opened up a new method of finding unknown viruses.
Unknown virus discovered in throwaway DNA
Famously sneaky particles have been caught behaving in a new way.
Neutrinos seen scattering off an atom’s nucleus
Loneliness is deadlier than obesity and should be considered a major public health hazard, the biggest ever review into the problem has suggested.
Loneliness is deadlier than obesity
A new article in Physiological and Biochemical Zoology explores the role of melanins in creating complex plumage patterns in 9,000 species.
How do birds get their colors?
A pioneering new study is set to help surgeons repair hearts without damaging precious tissue.
Source of human heartbeat revealed in 3D
Scientists have discovered for the first time that the corona of the Sun is strongly linked to the 11-year solar magnetic activity cycle.
Scientists discover new clue to Sun's hot atmosphere
Scientists have discovered a new class of catalysts that break down contaminants when combined with hydrogen peroxide.
New catalysts remove 99% of BPA from water
Scientists have discovered evidence of a stratosphere surrounding a large exoplanet located 900 light-years from Earth.
Astronomers found an alien world with glowing water atmosphere
A group, led by Chinese scholar Chunyu Han, has decided to retract their controversial paper about a new gene-editing technique, according to a retraction statement posted on the website of the journal Nature Biotechnology.
Chinese scholar retracts paper from Nature Biotechnology

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