A new study highlights the potential benefits of wood windows in home construction.
Study: Wood windows cooler than glass
A star that made headlines for its bizarre behavior has got one more mystery for astronomers to ponder.
Tabby’s star drama continues
Automaker Ford announced that it plans to develop fully autonomous vehicles by 2021.
Ford to have self-driving cars take to roads by 2021
Scientists at the University of Otago have developed a new system for mapping and monitoring the transformation of Earth's biomes, or large-scale vegetation formations — grassland, tropical forest, boreal forest, desert, shrubland.
Mapping Earth's biomes changes
Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a new method for measuring force on a molecular scale.
Study reveals biomechanics of blood clotting
Neuroscientists are the University of Rochester are taking sentence diagramming to the next level.
Scientists decode sentence signatures among brain activity patterns
Light can take many different forms. Even in our day-to-day life, sunlight is vastly different from fluorescent light.
How shaping light can change particle behavior
Researchers have observed previously invisible details using a solid 3D superlens made of nanobeads.
Nanobead-powered superlens reveals invisible details
Betty, heralded as a tool-making prodigy among New Caledonian crows, may not have been such a whiz bird after all.
Betty crow may not have invented hook-bending tool trick

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