Researchers of Amirkabir Industrial University managed to diagnose and treat cancer using laser.
Iranian researchers use laser to treat cancer
If you see red-eyed jewel wasps buzzing about Southern California, don't be alarmed, they're just mutant wasps created by lab scientists at the University of California, Riverside (UCR).
Scientists engineer red-eyed mutant wasps
Our brains process foreign-accented speech with better real-time accuracy if we can identify the accent we hear, according to a team of neurolinguists.
Recognizing foreign accents  helps brains process accented speech
An exoplanet made up of mostly oceans would offer astronomers the greatest chance of finding alien life, according to a new model developed by Fergus Simpson.
Ideal habitable world would be mostly ocean
The footprints of a mysterious reptile that lived about 250 million years ago have been identified in fossils from the Pyrenees mountains.
Unknown ancient reptile roamed the Pyrenees
It may not be quite like the Jetsons, but for over a million dollars you too can soon fly around in a car.
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Flying car to go on sale
New data from the Chandra X-ray observatory has revealed the heart beat-like pulses of a faraway supermassive black hole.
Astronomers record rhythms of  heart-like supermassive black hole
A team of scientists will be heading to the Arctic later this month on an expedition to uncover the secrets of the ancient and mysterious Greenland shark, believed to be the longest-lived vertebrate animal.
Research team heads to Arctic on Greenland shark study
Iran is ready to cooperate with Italy in all scientific fields, said Science, Research and Technology Minister Mohammad Farhadi.
Iran ready to cooperate with Italy in all scientific fields
One of the biggest problems with computers, dating to the invention of the first one, has been finding ways to keep them cool so that they don't overheat or shut down.
Harnessing heat to power computers

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