Scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography wanted to know what life is like for plankton.
Researches replicate ocean life with swarm of underwater robots
There is overwhelming evidence that water flowed across and collected on the surface of Mars some three billion to four billion years ago. Yet, most models predict early Mars was too cold for liquid water. What gives?
Methane bursts may have warmed a young Mars
How does heightened attention improve our mental capacity? This is the question tackled by new research published in the journal Cell Reports, which reveals a chemical signal released across the brain in response to attention demanding or arousing situations.
A brain wide chemical signal that enhances memory
An analysis of nearly 400 kinds of tomatoes suggested which flavor compounds could bring heirloom deliciousness back to varieties that were bred for toughness over taste.
Big genetics study blazes path for bringing back tomato flavor
The idea that dogs are more intelligent than cats has been called into question.
Cats may be as intelligent as dogs
The ancient Pueblo people of the southwestern US had no written language or numerical system, but the complexities of their architectural feats suggest they understood advanced geometry.
Pueblo architects understood advanced geometry
Scientists in Japan have developed a method for manipulating gene expression using only light. Researchers used the technique to create two-headed zebrafish.
Scientists precisely influence gene expression with light
Scientists have created bacteria that thrive using an expanded 'genetic alphabet'.
Extra letters added to life's genetic code

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