A doctor at a hospital in India's capital, New Delhi, was recently tracking a wall of monitors displaying the vital signs of intensive care patients admitted hundreds of miles away when red-and-yellow alerts rang out.
Indian hospitals offer intensive care from afar
These are the tasty ways to keep diabetes, weight gain, joint pain — and other age-related ailments — at bay. When you take care of your body by eating right, you prevent age-related weight gain — the number-one way to pump the breaks on the passage of time. And it’s not just about how you look; when you slow the aging process, you expand your future opportunities, news.yahoo.com reported.
Foods people over 45 should eat
More than 3,100 pregnant Colombian women are infected with the mosquito-borne Zika virus, said President Juan Manuel Santos, as the disease continues its rapid spread across the Americas.
Zika virus infects over 3,100 pregnant women in Colombia
Science is a funny thing, isn't it? It tells us we likely can't eat chips every day and have a perfect bill of health, that we probably can't smoke and sunbathe and expect to be fighting fit at the age of 100, and that our stressful jobs, unhealthy lifestyles and morning hot chocolates could be slowly killing us.
Bad habits which  might be good for you
An examination of 130 gene expression studies in 10 solid cancers has found that when any of four related genes is overexpressed, patients have much worse outcomes, including reduced survival.
Four genes make cancers grow
Girls with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have their share of challenges. And new research suggests a tendency toward obesity may be one of them.
ADHD may increase obesity risk for girls
Sleeping too few or too many hours a night may lead to excessive weight gain during pregnancy, a new study suggested.
Sleep, weight gain during pregnancy interlinked
Depression increases the risk of heart disease and stroke in older adults, a new study indicated.
Depression boost seniors' heart disease, stroke risk
Regular exercise reduces older men's risk of serious injuries from falls, a new study found.
Exercise likely to prevent harmful falls in men
Children conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF) might have a slightly increased risk of developing blood cancer, a new study suggested.
Could IVF raise children's odds for blood cancer?

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