A team of researchers has developed a vaccine strategy that reduces the risk of flu infections in cancer patients at highest risk for influenza.
New vaccine strategy shields patients from flu
Researchers have stated that raising the World Health Organization's recommended C-section rate beyond the current 10 to 15 percent could result in fewer mother and infant deaths.
Cesarean delivery rate may be too low
A team from Newcastle University, UK, has shown that type 2 diabetes is caused by fat accumulating in the pancreas — and that losing less than one gram of that fat through weight loss reverses the diabetes.
Type 2 diabetes reversed by losing pancreas fat
Changes in fetal hearts have been found in pregnant women with diabetes or obesity, according to a research conducted by Dr. Aparna Kulkarni, pediatric cardiologist from the Bronx, New York, US.
Diabetes or obesity changes fetal heart
It's known as the most common cancer-causing protein, directly responsible for 30 percent of all cancers and indirectly involved in virtually all cancers. For over 30 years, scientists have failed to successfully target it, but now researchers from University of Toronto can turn this protein off with an experimental drug.
Researchers turn off most notorious cancer-causing protein
If you are a long-distance runner and feel marathon fatigue quite often, try a spoonful of sugar first and hit the ground running like never before.
Spoonful of sugar before long running kills fatigue
Winter arrives, and you accept your destiny of staying inside, miserable, with a sore throat and blocked nose for the next three months. But you can beat the curse of the cold. Just try these things:
Stay healthy in winter
Researchers say they have discovered a network of nine genes that may play a role in the development of Alzheimer's disease.
Gene likely to influence Alzheimer's timing
The diabetes drug metformin appears to trigger favorable changes in intestinal bacteria, a new study found.
Metformin may improve gut bacteria
Electrical nerve stimulation may offer some relief for older adults with chronic back pain, a new study suggested.
TENS could ease low back pain for some

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