How well you cope with knee arthritis depends a lot on your mental outlook, a new study suggested.
How you think about your arthritis makes a difference
Professional footballers — like all elite athletes — need to pay as much attention to their diet as their training.
Secret rules of footballers’ diets
Bronchiectasis is a common lung disease that can develop when the airways become damaged.
Chest infection symptoms could be sign of potentially life-threatening condition (Video)
Reliance on caregivers doubles as people near death, and half of those caregivers — typically unpaid family members — report having no time for themselves, a new study indicated.
Need for caregiving doubles as end of life nears
Playing contact sports like football or ice hockey can alter the structure and function of the brain, Canadian researchers reported.
Playing contact sports can affect brain
Fewer than half of US infants always sleep on their backs, the position doctors recommend to avoid sleep-related injuries and deaths, a study suggested.
Parents still failing to put babies to sleep on their backs
A nutritionist and juice shop owner made waves by claiming protein powders should never be mixed with fruits or vegetables in smoothies because it will upset your digestion, however top Harley Street nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert refuted the claim, explaining that everyone is different.
Protein powders in smoothies don’t make you bloated
After years of being told that sitting too much is deadly, a new study suggested that being sedentary for long periods of time may not be an equal-opportunity health risk.
Sitting could be big health risk for frail folks
For seniors and particularly blacks with high blood pressure, lowering it may help keep their minds sharp, a new study suggested.
Lower blood pressure best for seniors' minds
Hepatitis E is caused by the hepatitis E virus — which can infect both animals and humans.
What is Hepatitis E? (video)

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