Amid China's rise to global superpower status, many of its citizens have been lifted out of poverty.
Rural development key to lifting China's poor out of poverty
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the central government had fixed prices for 700 medicines for the benefit of the people as part of a comprehensive healthcare policy.
700 medicines made affordable for Indian poor
Do you have a strategy to protect your kids online? If it's simply keeping them offline for as long as possible or trying to build a firewall so that the only thing they can watch are Disney Junior videos on YouTube Kids, odds are they're going to see stuff you don't want them to see, and you may have no idea.
Internet protection for your kids
While online education has opened access to learners worldwide, new Stanford research suggested that a single approach to teaching everyone in an online class may not yield the best outcome, especially when it comes to course completion.
Researchers examine effectiveness of a psychological strategy on online learners
The study found a significant and negative association between life satisfaction and levels of the pollutant, which causes lung problems. These effects were “substantive and comparable to that of many ‘big-hitting’ life events,” according to the researchers behind Can Clean Air Make You Happy?
Air pollution as bad for wellbeing as spouse’ s death
Former Indian Union health secretary Keshav Desiraju, one of the key members who drafted the Mental Healthcare Bill, 2016 passed by Parliament last month, said that negotiations are on with critics over the impact of the new legislation.
Talks ongoing to alleviate concerns about  Indian Mental Healthcare Bill
A group of Iranian mountaineers climbed to the summit of the 6,189-meter high Island Peak Mountain, in Sagarmatha National Park of the Himalayas in eastern Nepal, with the slogan of 'No to Child Labor' to support working children.
Iranian mountaineers climb in support of child laborers
Automakers face a dilemma in China's huge but crowded market: Regulators are pushing them to sell electric cars, but buyers want gas-guzzling SUVs.
Car dilemma: Beijing wants electric, buyers want SUVs
The effect on wellbeing of exposure to nitrogen dioxide, a gas mostly produced in diesel fumes, is comparable to the toll from losing a job, ending a relationship or the death of a partner, research suggests.
UK education system: Selection by wealth

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