An environmental group believes New Zealand is making strides in the fight against climate change.
'New Zealand can be a leader on climate change'
The stunning changes in color in Turkey's Salt Lake are attracting visitors both human and feathered to central Anatolia, according to a local official.
Algae bloom paints Turkey's Lake Tuz red, offers unique view to visitors
For parents, going on vacation with their children can be extremely difficult. They should be prepared in some matters before taking such a trip with kids, especially if they are under 15 years old. Children in that age group make up a small but important traveler group.
How to travel with children
Crumbling infrastructure after decades of conflict, rising temperatures, and desertification are threatening the security of Iraq today, the country’s water minister said at the UN this week.
Iraq appeals to UN for help in tackling climate change threats
From southern California to Scotland, to the misty British Isles and the Arctic coastline of Siberia, temperatures were way higher than ever recorded the last week of June and the first week of July. When temperatures in Siberia hit 90°F, 50°F higher than normal, and the land breeze drove the ice pack out of sight — whether or not there’s an official declaration of a Siberian heat wave is not really relevant — it’s hot.
Climate change heat covers Northern Hemisphere
It's less than a month into the summer and triple-digit temperatures have already shattered records in many cities across the US, like around Los Angeles area where it hit 114°F in Burbank and 120°F in Chino on July 6.
Airlines prepare for flying in hotter temps
The Archeological Survey of India (ASI) has lifted the ban on photography within the premises of India's protected monuments and sites, with the exception of three monuments. The move comes after Prime Minister Narendra Modi questioned the validity of the outmoded rule, reported.
India lifts ban on photography at cultural heritage sites
One expert suggests that media-stoked fears about addictive technology only serve to divert attention from pressing problems like online privacy and user consent.
Is social media as addictive as cocaine?
Seven immigrant children who'd been separated from their families left a New York City social services center holding their mothers' hands and carrying balloons, backpacks and stuffed animals.
Seven immigrant children reunited with their mothers in New York

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