Which robot do you find easier to like. You might think a robot would be more likely to win people over if it were good at its job. But according to a recent study, people find imperfect robots more likable.
How do you make a likable robot?
The rapid development of wearable technology has received another boost from a new development using graphene for printed electronic devices.
Flexible batteries power future of wearable technology
The Perseids meteor shower is an annual event that peaks around mid-August, with this year's peak expected between 11 and 13 August.
When is the Perseid Meteor shower and how can I see it?
Speed has its limits — on the open road and the Serengeti. Midsize animals tend to be the speedsters, even though, in theory, the biggest animals should be the fastest.
Why midsize animals are the fastest
Goldfish can make their own alcohol, allowing them to survive long winters at the bottom of frozen lakes with little to no oxygen. Now, researchers know how.
Goldfish make alcohol to survive without oxygen
Over the 50 years since its founding, the Xi'an Satellite Control Center has successfully resolved major faults in over 10 satellites, saving the country billions yuan in possible losses.
Control center resolves over 10 major satellite faults in 50 years
A new electronic lead sensor, potentially costing around $20, could keep an eye on home and city water quality, alerting residents and officials to the presence of lead within nine days.
Affordable lead sensor for home, city water lines
An asteroid measuring between 15 and 29 meters wide will pass within a few thousand miles of Earth on October 12, according to NASA scientists.
Small asteroid to pass between Earth and moon
University of Washington's Burke Museum will allow live public viewing of the fossil preparation for a recently discovered 3,000-pound Tyrannosaurus rex skull
T. rex skull to be prepared live
Paleontologists have unearthed a new species of titanosaur in Argentina's Patagonia. Researchers believe it is the largest dinosaur species ever discovered.
Paleontologists unearth largest dinosaur species in Patagonia

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