Scientists have discovered several never before identified bacterial structures — pieces of molecular machinery.
Scientists image molecular machinery never before seen in bacteria
The Bloodhound supersonic car will run for the first time on October 26.
Bloodhound supersonic car set for October trials
Hotspots of established alien plant and animal species were found mainly in island and coastal mainland regions, according to a study released by the Durham University.
Study reveals global hotspots of established alien species
Imagine wearing a device that continuously analyzes your sweat or blood for different types of biomarkers, such as proteins that show you may have breast cancer or lung cancer.
Lab on a chip could monitor health, germs, pollutants
In a new study, NASA scientists argue the latest predictive climate models underestimate future levels of precipitation in the tropics.
Future will be rainier than expected
Hand-washing has surprising effects on the human brain. According to a series of experiments conducted by researchers at the University of Toronto, the act of hand-washing leads to more flexible thinking.
Hand-washing is like hitting a reset button in the brain
NASA’S new Solar Probe Plus could save Earth from ‘devastating’ solar flares, an expert warned.
NASA’s new probe will help protect Earth from solar storms
Scientists have developed a form of ultrastrong, lightweight carbon that is hard as a diamond yet elastic like rubber and electrically conductive.
Scientists create ultrastrong carbon material that's elastic like rubber
Gravitational waves are providing new hints about how black holes get their kicks.
Swift kick from a supernova could knock a black hole askew
Bali's famous rice terraces, when seen from above, look like colorful mosaics because some farmers plant synchronously, while others plant at different times.
Fractal planting patterns yield optimal harvests, without central control

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