China is getting closer to a finalized design for its next-generation X-ray observatory.
China moving ahead with plans for next-generation X-ray observatory
We are finally getting a look inside the biggest planet in the Solar System — Jupiter. And it is very strange.
Jupiter's winds run deep into the planet
The indictment of 13 Russians in the operation of a ‘troll farm’ that spread false information related to the 2016 US presidential election has renewed the spotlight on the power of ‘fake news’ to influence public opinion.
Researchers call for large-scale scientific investigation into fake news
In the spring of 2016, after two decades at NASA — and a total of 520 days aboard the International Space Station — astronaut Scott Kelly retired, giving him a lot more free time. Free time he's now using to promote appreciation for science.
Astronaut Scott Kelly's new mission: promoting interest in science
The world’s oldest message in a bottle has been discovered on a beach in Western Australia, almost 132 years after it was thrown into the ocean.
World's oldest message in bottle discovered on Australian beach
Four dementia scientists have shared this year's €1 million brain prize for pivotal work that has changed our understanding of Alzheimer's disease.
Alzheimer's researchers win brain prize
Researchers at The University of Manchester in the UK are using computer simulations of chimpanzees to improve not only our understanding of how the animals walk, but also the technology we use to do it.
Chimpanzees help researchers improve machine learning of animal simulations
Scientists have found a breakthrough technique to separate two liquids from each other using a laser.
Scientists find technique to separate two liquids using lasers
According to new research, ancient microbes were performing photosynthesis as much as one billion years earlier than previously thought.
Photosynthesis emerged a billion years earlier than previously thought
A driverless car is making its way through a winding neighborhood street, about to make a sharp turn onto a road where a child's ball has just rolled.
Technique to see objects hidden around corners

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