Decisions about diabetes care can become harder as people age, and that may be especially true for those needing hospice care.
Diabetics may often fare poorly in hospice care
By Dr. Ned Hartfiel* & Rhiannon Tudor Edwards *
Yoga in the workplace can reduce back pain, sickness absence
A new and relatively simple technique for mapping the wiring of the brain has shown a correlation between how well connected an individual's brain regions are and their intelligence, say researchers at the University of Cambridge.
New brain mapping technique highlights relationship between connectivity and IQ
Researchers made advances toward creating stem cell-derived retinal cells used to treat a leading cause of blindness, scientists at the National Eye Institute said.
Scientists advance stem cell therapy for a leading cause of blindness
Hospitals in England are being told to delay pre-planned operations and routine outpatient appointments until January 31 due to winter pressures.
NHS patients facing delays for operations
A drug developed for diabetes could be used to treat Alzheimer's after scientists found it ‘significantly reversed memory loss’ in mice through a triple method of action.
Diabetes drug 'significantly reverses memory loss' in mice with Alzheimer's
The constant barrage and blare of unwanted noise in our daily lives can damage our mental and physical wellbeing.
Is silence the best way to a stress-free life?
Half of the sugar young children in England consume comes from unhealthy snacks and sweet drinks, figures show.
Limit children's snacks to 100 calories, health body says
Anti-aging isn’t all about what cream you slather on your face. This is how you’ll be turning back time, both inside and out, in 2018.
The trends you will be following next year to turn back time
Women taking the commonly used anti-epileptic drug topiramate during early pregnancy are more likely to give birth to a baby with an oral cleft, a major US study has found.
Anti-epileptic drug in early pregnancy increases oral cleft risk in babies

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