A Russian woman has been arrested and charged in the United States with conspiracy to act as a Russian government agent by developing ties with American citizens and infiltrating political groups.
Russian woman arrested in Washington, charged with spying for Moscow
Iran on Tuesday announced preparedness to cooperate with other West Asian states to control the pollution caused by dust particles and storms.
Iran ready to cooperate with West Asian nations to combat dust storms
A team of researchers at the National Institutes of Health found that women in biomedical sciences are just as successful as men in sustaining grant funding.
Women in biomedical sciences as successful as men
The number of children dying in their first year of life has risen in Brazil for the first time since 1990.
Zika, health cuts blamed for rise in baby death rates in Brazil
A journalist from British broadcaster Channel 4 went undercover as a Facebook moderator and found a stream of toxic content that the company was failing to delete.
British broadcaster finds Facebook not deleting child abuse and racism
At an archeological site in northeastern Jordan, researchers have discovered the charred remains of a flatbread baked by hunter-gatherers 14,400 years ago. It is the oldest direct evidence of bread found to date, predating the advent of agriculture by at least 4,000 years.
Archeologists discover bread that predates agriculture by 4,000 years
A study into some of the earliest known pottery remains has suggested that the rise of ceramic production was closely linked with intensified fishing at the end of the last Ice Age.
Origins of pottery linked with intensified fishing in the post-glacial period
Thailand’s industrial sector must focus on sustainable and green development to remain competitive in the region.
Greening the way for Thailand’s first green and smart city
Nigeria, one of Africa’s two wealthiest economies, has overtaken India as home to the world’s greatest concentration of extreme poverty, amid warnings that the continent will host nine out of 10 of the world’s poorest people within 12 years.
Nigeria outstrips India as country with most people in poverty
The number of EU citizens who emigrated from the UK last year is the highest on record, the Office for National Statistics said.
Record number of EU citizens emigrate from UK

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