More than half of the 2.3 million Londoners living in poverty are members of households in which someone is earning money, research has found.
More than half of Londoners in poverty are in working families
One of the latest victims of the cholera epidemic that has killed more than 2,000 people in Yemen had yet to even take her first breath.
Cholera epidemic spreads Yemen misery
For the first time, researchers have evidence of exactly what dads are doing while moms are taking care of housework or tending to their child.
Study first to show how couples spend time
One in three South Koreans have borrowed money to buy houses and they took larger amount of loans than other debtors, becoming one of the main reasons behind the ballooning household debt in Asia's fourth-largest economy, a report showed.
One in three S. Koreans in debt as they borrowed by to buy houses
Population growth, increasing urbanization, modern technologies, and climate change are transforming the world at a fast pace. But what direction are these transformations headed in? Are they benefiting the poor and the food insecure? And will the food systems of the future be able to feed and employ the millions of young people poised to enter labor markets in the decades to come?
How to eradicate rural poverty
Original literature has led the children's book market as children's books have become the fast-growing and most vibrant segment of China's book market.
Original literature leads children's book market in China
As fighting rages in the central African nation, almost two-thirds of Congo's refugees arriving in Zambia are children.
DR Congo children find refuge in Zambia (video)
Behind the doors of Valeria Marcus’ childhood home was a living nightmare.
Domestic violence hurts children
Graduates from black, Asian or minority-ethnic (BAME) backgrounds in the UK are less likely to be in work than their white peers , new analysis has shown.
Ethnic minority graduates less likely to have jobs than white peers
Exposure to air pollution on the way to school can have damaging effects on children's cognitive development and reduce their working memory, a study has found.
Air pollution exposure reduces children's working memory

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