It's official: 2017 is the deadliest and most destructive year on record for wildfires in California. Dry conditions, high temperatures, roaring winds and bone-dry trees and brush are all factors responsible for the devastation. But one underlying question is how much of a roll has climate change played?
Is climate change responsible for wildfires California wildfires?
Websites and apps will be subject to a tough new code of practice in the UK to protect children’s privacy online following a cross-party campaign in the House of Lords to prevent young people’s internet activity being monitored.
Tough code of practice for Britain’s websites aim to protect children online
To the south of the Amazon basin lies a huge savannah known as the Cerrado. Once a mix of grassland and forest, much of the Cerrado has now been transformed into the vast soy farms and cattle ranches that have made Brazil an agricultural superpower. There is also plenty of untouched land – but protecting it requires a new approach to deforestation.
Brazil’s Cerrado forests won’t be saved by corporate pledges on deforestation
The world's energy companies are being increasingly enticed by liquefied natural gas, thanks to an expected rise in global demand and the fuel's flexibility when compared to costly, long-term pipeline projects.
Liquefied gas proving to be a natural for energy firms
Hidden amid the international outrage sparked by Donald Trump’s latest foray into Middle-Eastern politics, the world’s environment ministers were quietly agreeing a UN resolution that could prove the ‘tipping point’ in the battle against plastic pollution in our oceans.
UN resolution could be 'tipping point' in battle to rid oceans of plastic
Fixated on those all-important energy ratings when buying a washing machine or dishwasher?
Pouring cold water on energy myths
International commitment and cooperation is critical to reap the benefits and overcome the challenges of migration, stressed a leading official at the conclusion of a UN meeting.
International commitment critical to overcoming challenges of migration
Older women in the UK are more vulnerable to financial difficulties than older men, with their employment history and family circumstances impacting on pension income and ability to save.
Older women liable to lifetime of unequal pay
Providing working arrangements that meaningfully improve the work-life balance of employees can give firms a competitive advantage, research by Newcastle University has found.
Improving employees' work-life balance gives competitive advantage
Students taking out huge loans to pay for higher education are being failed by universities in England, with only one in three saying they receive value for money according to a stinging new report by the government’s spending watchdog.
University students failed by rip-off fees

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