Robotics engineers often find their inspiration from nature. For six-legged robots, a nature-inspired gait proved an impediment to maximum speed.
Scientists invent faster gait for six-legged robots
Scientists at MIT have crafted wearable sensors out of cell-infused hydrogel film. Researchers used the new ‘living material’ to design gloves and bandages that light up when they come in contact with target chemicals.
New 'living material' gloves light up when they touch target chemicals
Skiing at many resorts in the Alps could become impossible within the next 80 years, according to a new study. Researchers predict snow cover across the Alps will fall by at least a third by the end of the century, leaving low-lying resorts without snow.
Skiing 'will be impossible in Alps within 80 years'
All inherited diseases and cancers could be cured in the coming decades, according to a leading British expert.
Gene editing could end inherited diseases
A NASA spacecraft has detected carbon-based materials, similar to what may have been the building blocks for life on Earth, on the Texas-sized dwarf planet Ceres that orbits between Mars and Jupiter in the main asteroid belt, scientists said.
Naturally occurring organic compounds found on Ceres
Researchers at Stanford University have developed a new method for accurately measuring crop yields using satellite images.
Stanford scientists measure African crop yields from space
Scientists have uncovered the first evidence of live births in the group of animals that includes dinosaurs, crocodiles and birds.
Evidence of first live birth in dinosaur relative found
Nicotine, the primary compound found within tobacco smoke, is known to change the grouping of some subtypes of nicotinic receptors, but the mechanisms for nicotine addiction remain unclear.
Nicotine changes grouping of nicotinic receptors on brain cells
New fossil evidence suggested the first species to deploy venom did so 260 million years ago.
Pre-mammalian reptile developed venom 100m years before snakes
A veteran Swiss archeologist has unearthed three temples in Sudan built thousands of years ago, a discovery he says promises to throw new light on Africa's buried ancient past.
Swiss archeologist shines light on Sudan's buried past

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