Researchers in the UK are set to test whether the Zika virus can fight difficult-to-treat brain cancer by attacking its cells, potentially opening up new pathways to treat the aggressive disease.
Researchers consider Zika virus for brain cancer treatment
The age of a physician may increase a patient's risk of dying in the hospital, according to a new study from Harvard Medical School.
Age of physician may increase patient mortality risk
Researchers at the University of Exeter have developed a new computer game that encourages children to make healthier food choices.
Computer game helps kids make healthy food choices
Australian researchers may have found the key to unlocking the mystery of infertility, miscarriage and birth defects in older women over the age of 37.
Discovery may help unlock infertility in older women
Researchers have discovered that protection from the most severe form of malaria is linked with natural variation in human red blood cell genes.
Natural resistance to malaria linked to variation in human red blood cell receptors
Two new studies have identified links between polyunsaturated fatty acids in the blood and integrity of brain structures and cognitive abilities in aging.
Omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids linked to healthy brain aging
Eating more fruit and vegetables can lower the risk of heart disease, strokes and blockages in leg arteries, scientists say.
Eating more fruit lowers risk of heart disease, strokes
Being a couch potato for just two weeks increases the risk of developing serious diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, according to new research.
Sitting around for two weeks raises diabetes and heart disease risk

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