Police officers who exhibit low self-control in their personal lives are more likely to use deadly force on the job, according to a University of Texas at Dallas study.
Police study links low self-control, officers' use of deadly force
Disadvantaged youth who believe that the American social system is fair develop lower self-esteem, engage in risky behaviors, and are less attentive in the classroom over the course of middle school, found a study led by NYU's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.
Believing US system is fair predicts worsening self-esteem
In a bid to build an entirely new kind of Internet — completely secure and impervious to hackers — China has pulled off a major feat in particle physics.
China to build new communication network
Scientists have developed a new smartphone app that can alert a car driver if they are sleeply, an advance that may help avoid fatal accidents caused by fatigue driving.
Smartphone app can alert drowsy driver
Elderly and vulnerable people in the UK are being denied trips to the loo and kept indoors for days on end, a shock survey found.
Elderly kept indoors for days in UK's care homes
Why do we watch social videos of beheadings, lynching, attacks, rapes and suicides which, unlike the make-believe violence in film, are real people caught on camera, causing mindless pain, grief and anguish?
Are we subliminally drawn to violence?
Shootings kill or injure at least 19 US children each day, with boys, teenagers and blacks most at risk, according to a government study that paints a bleak portrait of persistent violence.
Study: Shootings kill or injure 19 US children each day
Data breaches. Identity theft. Bank fraud. Every week, we read a fearsome new headline about cybercrime.
How to delete yourself from Internet
A recall of a drug used to treat critically ill patients has prompted some Canadian health authorities to begin rationing it for only the most serious cases.
Health Canada raises concern over shortage of drug used for numerous conditions
Exposure to passive smoking in childhood significantly increased the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis in adult smokers, a study has showed.
Smoking around your kids can put them at increased risk of arthritis

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