Researchers from the Mayo Clinic have found bullying during childhood may increase a person's chance of developing lifelong health problems from exposure to chronic stress.
Bullying in childhood linked to chronic disease risk in adults
We live in an unprecedented ‘age of information’. Dieters have access to nutritional information, people at risk of genetic disease can undergo cutting-edge medical tests and citizens in modern democracies have access to a wide range of news sources covering the entire political spectrum.
Information avoidance: People select their own reality
The repetitive physical movements of Muslim prayer rituals can reduce chances of lower back pain if performed properly, according to new research.
Islamic prayer ritual reduces back pain and increases joint elasticity
Doctors often tell parents of young children to limit television time because it can interfere with learning and language development. Now, a US study suggests TV’s impact on school readiness might be worse for poor kids than for more affluent children.
TV may take biggest toll on school readiness for poor kids
Parents should use covers on their prams during the school run to protect their infants from air pollution, experts have warned.
Use buggy covers to combat air pollution danger
The number and proportion of people in China over 80 are growing, but their mental and physical fitness appear to be declining, scientists reported on Friday.
China’s elderly live longer, but are less fit
“Now I don’t have to worry about my little son not recognizing me when I go back home for Spring Festival,” said Yang Dongmei, a 26-year-old worker in one of the southern Chinese factories that manufactures toys for companies including Disney, Mattel and Toys R Us.
Chinese toy factories open summer camp for migrant workers' children
African-Americans are far more likely to be wrongfully convicted of crimes such as murder, assault and illegal drug activity than whites due to factors including racial bias and official misconduct, a study released on Tuesday said.
African-Americans more likely to be wrongfully convicted
Climate change was responsible for breaking more than 200 Australian weather records over the past three months, researchers said on Wednesday, a glimpse of conditions to come that will likely threaten energy security and agriculture.
Australia's 'extreme' summer a sign of things to come
Around 900 million — or just over one in four — people living in 16 countries in Asia Pacific, including some of its biggest economies, are estimated to have paid a bribe to access public services, with governments failing to stop corruption, according to a new public opinion poll from a major anti-corruption watchdog.
In Asia Pacific, 900m people pay bribes for public services

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