The government’s ambition to clean up motor vehicles by 2040 is not ambitious enough, a leading energy expert said.
UK's clean car goal 'not ambitious enough'
The blood of a unique group of lizards in New Guinea runs green, a bright lime green, thanks to the excess of biliverdin, a green bile pigment, flowing through their veins.
Researchers may have figured out toxic, lime green lizard blood
Rainforests are something the world cannot afford to take for granted any longer. These precious environments, found in numerous continents, are homes to swathes of endangered species as well as indigenous tribes. But deforestation, caused by industry, has wiped out an insanely large proportion of them in recent years. What causes deforestation? What effect is it having on our planet and the beings that occupy it?
Why is deforestation happening and why are rainforests important?
Trump administration is ‘the worst ever’ for the environment, said the former Environmental Protection Agency administrator for New York.
Trump administration 'worst ever' on environment: Former NY EPA official
Technology is quite literally destroying nature, with a new report further confirming that electromagnetic radiation from power lines and cell towers can disorientate birds and insects and destroy plant health. The paper warns that as nations switch to 5G this threat could increase.
Radiation from cell phones, WiFi hurting birds, bees
A team of researchers from the University of Colorado in the US and Université Paris-Saclay, in France has developed a new way to make biaxial nematic phase liquid crystals.
New way to make biaxial nematic phase liquid crystals
The US space agency NASA said that its planet hunter, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), was one step closer to searching for new worlds after successfully completing a lunar flyby.
NASA's exoplanet hunter has lunar flyby
The more intelligent a person, the fewer connections there are between the neurons in his cerebral cortex.
Smarter brains run on sparsely connected neurons
Octopuses are aliens. That’s the claim being made by a team of 33 researchers published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.
Are octopuses aliens from outer space?
Engineers from Rutgers University-New Brunswick have created a 3D-printed smart gel that walks underwater and grabs objects and moves them.
Researchers create a 3D-printed smart gel that walks underwater, moves objects

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