Scientists have identified a set of neurons deep in the brain that controls the critical instinct of thirst.
Brain cells drive, quench your thirst uncovered
Eating too much salty food dramatically raises the risk of diabetes, warned new research.
Eating too much of salty food could raise diabetes risk ( video)
A small Australian study suggested that consuming high amounts of artificial sweeteners might affect how the body responds to sugar — and might raise a person's risk of diabetes.
High amounts of artificial sweeteners may increase risk for diabetes
A technology that could eventually see every childhood vaccine delivered in a single injection has been developed by US researchers.
Childhood vaccines may go into one jab
Bowel cancer kills more than 44 people a day, with diet a major contributing factor.
Bowel cancer diet: Avoid these four common foods to ward off deadly symptoms
New research suggested that Opdivo — a drug that works with the immune system to fight melanoma — is more effective than the current standard of care for patients who've had surgery to remove advanced tumors.
Immune-focused drug may be weapon against advanced melanoma
All pregnant women who go into labor too soon should be given antibiotics to protect their baby from a potentially deadly infection called Group B Strep (GBS), said new guidelines.
More pregnant women to get GBS treatment
Winter is fast approaching — which means people are more likely to catch the common cold.
Foods to fight a cold( video)
Recurrent ear infections are the bane of many children — and the parents who have to deal with their care.
'Microbiomes' may hold key to kids' ear infections
No one likes looking at their weight on a scale every day, but that may be just the trick that college students need to ward off the dreaded ‘Freshman 15,’ a new study suggested.
Regular weigh-ins may help prevent college weight gain

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