The UN Security Council meeting was supposed to be about confidence-building in an age of widening nuclear proliferation. However, the session featured once again a big power showdown between Russia and the United States, CNN reported.
Russia, US spar on Iran, North Korea, Syria
The United States has reneged on a pledge to contribute $45 million to a United Nations agency tasked with providing services for Palestinian refugees, adding to cutbacks announced earlier this week.
US reneges on pledge to pay $45 million for Palestinians refugees
The United States is selling useless, outdated weapons to Saudi Arabia which is thus wasting billions of dollars on these purchases, according to E. Michael Jones, an American political analyst in Indiana.
Saudis wasting billions by buying outdated weapons from US: Analyst
Police in Brazil have seized 444 containers in an investigation into illegal logging in the country's vast Amazon, federal authorities said on Thursday, as the nation seeks to cut down on the widespread practice.
Brazil seizes containers in fight against illegal logging
US President Donald Trump's son, Eric, has dismissed accusations that his father is a racist, amid reported remarks by Trump that some immigrants from Africa and Haiti come from “sh*thole” countries.
Eric Trump says his father is not racist, 'sees one color: green'
The first year of US President Donald Trump's presidency has seen an increase in an ongoing trend of democratic decline in the US and around the world, mainly due to Trump's attacks on the press and his administration’s brash foreign policy approach.
Trump fueling decline of democracy: Freedom House
US President Donald Trump is finishing off his first year with the lowest approval rating of any president in history.
Trump ends first year with lowest average approval rating
Nigeria asked the US embassy for clarification on the insulting formulations about Africa made last week by President Donald Trump, the Foreign Ministry reported today.
Nigeria calls on US embassy due to Trump's insult
The US Navy said it will charge commanders of two destroyers involved in collisions last year which claimed the lives of 17 sailors.
US Navy commanders face negligent homicide charges over collisions
At least 32 bodies have been found in mass graves in Mexico's northwestern state of Nayarit, authorities said Tuesday.
32 bodies found in mass graves in rural Mexico

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