There are many children among a group of immigrants who have settled in Washington County, but none of them are going to school this fall. There's a large group of Romanian immigrants who have moved to California Borough.
Immigrant children not enrolled in school (video)
The United Nations children agency expressed extreme concern at the appalling increase in the cruel and calculated use of children, especially girls, as ‘human bombs’ in north-east Nigeria.
Use of children as 'human bombs' on the rise in Nigeria
The number of newborn babies in South Korea dropped to a six-month low in June, government data showed.
S. Korea's childbirths hit six-month low in June
The use of social media is pervasive among young adults, but not all posted content is necessarily appropriate.
Social media culture can encourage risky posting behavior
Ministers in the UK are considering creating an Internet ombudsman to deal with complaints about hate crimes and are pressing ahead with proposals for a levy on social media companies to help pay for the policing of online offenses.
UK considers Internet ombudsman to deal with abuse complaints
Want to protect nature, curb pollution, and slow climate change? It is as easy as telling your children to go play outdoors according to a study from the University of British Columbia.
Children play outdoors more likely to protect nature as adults
Higher inflation and a freeze on state benefits mean low-income parents cannot meet the basic costs of raising a child, according to the Child Poverty Action Group.
Parents on low incomes 'can't afford basics'
Imagine a world with as many as one billion people facing harsh climate change impacts resulting in devastating droughts and/or floods, extreme weather, destruction of natural resources, in particular lands, soils and water, and the consequence of severe livelihoods conditions, famine and starvation.
Climate migrants might reach one billion by 2050
Poverty might be more commonly associated with inner cities, but data shows poverty in rural Illinois, in the US is increasing at a faster rate than in urban areas.
Poverty striking rural Illinois at a faster rate than cities
Too much digital ink has been spilled over the apparent demise of email. ‘What’s to replace email’, and ‘why email is dead’, are all well-worn topics musing over a thin premise: Social media will replace the well-worn 45-year-old medium. Yes, social media and collaboration platforms are now established, critical work tools. But these tools work alongside email, each channel complementing the other’s strengths.
Social media didn’t kill email, but it did change it

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