Public housing in Malaysia is cheaper than a night out in one of Kuala Lumpur’s restaurants: A single subsidized unit’s monthly rent is a mere $30.
Why are children going hungry in Malaysia?
The San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office in California, the US, announced charges against a homeless couple after their three children were found living in a plywood box near Joshua Tree amid filthy conditions.
American homeless couple charged after children found living in ‘box’
By Akinwumi Adesina* International Women’s Day is a call to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of women and a reminder that globally, we are a long way from achieving gender equality.
A long way still to achieving gender equality
With children now better at identifying Pokémon characters than common species of British plants and wildlife, there are concerns that we are increasingly losing touch with nature.
Improving children's access to nature starts with addressing inequality
South Korean workers have expressed mixed feelings towards the passage of a revised bill through parliament that aims to shorten working hours, with some citing positive improvements in their work-life balance while others fear a cut in wages
South Koreans divided over reduced working hours
Students in east China's Zhejiang Province recently received the good news that elementary schools have been required to delay school start times.
Chinese students' workloads reduced to allow more sleep
Barriers to equality pose threats to democracy in the US as the country remains segregated along racial lines and child poverty worsens, according to study made public Tuesday that examines the nation 50 years after the release of the landmark 1968 Kerner Report.
US inequality persists 50 years after landmark civil rights report: Study
A team of researchers with the Center for Prototype Climate Modeling, New York University Abu Dhabi, and the University of California has created a computer simulation to predict changes in weather for India in the coming years as the planet warms due to global warming.
Simulations suggest changes in weather patterns coming to India
One powerful polar bear fact is slowly rising above the message of looming catastrophe repeated endlessly by the media: More than 15,000 polar bears have not disappeared since 2005.
Polar bears keep thriving
A Japanese study of five- and six-year-olds found that children prefer to share resources so that everyone ends up with the same amount (equal-outcome) rather than giving everyone the same amount regardless of what they have already (equal-allocation).
Children prefer distribution by equal outcome when they share

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