Children who eat more or less when stressed or upset have learned the behavior rather than inherited it, a study suggested.
Emotional eating 'learned by children not inherited'
Jochen Menges, an expert in organizational behavior, thinks that emotions matter profoundly for employee performance and behavior. His studies bring nuance to our understanding of how employees wish to feel at work.
How emotions shape work life
One of the joys of shopping for many people is the opportunity to brag about their purchases to friends and others.
When consumers don't want to talk about what they bought
Australian companies are not doing enough work to model the risks of climate change and how it will affect their profitability, a new report by a thinktank said.
Australian firms told to catch up on climate change risk checks
The World Health Organization (WHO) will include video ‘gaming disorder’ in a new draft of its International Classification of Diseases.
WHO decides video game addiction is a disease
Though the availability of formal cryptocurrency and blockchain education around the globe is increasing rapidly, the UK Department for Education (DfE) appear to have no immediate plans to include cryptocurrency as a topic in the UK school curriculum.
UK department for education says ‘no’ to cryptocurrency curriculum in schools
The US cleared a generous milestone in 2017, with Americans donating a record amount to charity. But the numbers are also a reminder of the persistent gap between rich and poor.
American donations to charity show widening gap between rich and poor
Professor Janet Ajuluchukwu, College of Medicine, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi-Araba said men have more heart problems than women with death rates doubling after age 40.
Heart disease death rate in men at 40 years doubles
Medical experts are cautioning that there are long-term health risks for migrant children who are separated from their parents, including ‘irreplaceable harm’ to those children's lifelong development.
Doctors group warns of health risks for migrant children separated from parents

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