B vitamins may offer some protection against the impacts of air pollution, a small scale human trial suggested.
B vitamins may have protective effect against air pollution
One of the keys to building electric cars that can travel longer distances and to powering more homes with renewable energy is developing efficient and highly capable energy storage systems.
New nanofiber, an important step in next generation battery development
Catch sight of someone scratching and out of nowhere comes an itch, too. Now, it turns out mice suffer the same strange phenomenon.
Scratching is catching in mice
The subject of centuries of scrutiny and debate, Mona Lisa's famous smile is routinely described as ambiguous. But is it really that hard to read? Apparently not.
Mona Lisa's smile decoded: Science said she's happy
The giant panda's distinctive black-and-white fur makes it one of the most recognizable animals on the planet. But why does it have this unique coloring?
Why are pandas black and white?
The NASA mission that has produced unprecedented aerial 3D-views of Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets will be expanding for the first time to the Arctic Eurasian Basin.
Aerial survey of polar ice expands to Arctic
A small trial suggested that a vaccine against Ebola could protect gorillas and chimps from the deadly disease.
Ebola vaccine shows promise for gorillas, chimps
New research from the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, or IIASA, highlights how limited investment in agriculture in West Africa plays a vital role in the country's ability to adapt to climate change.
Investment vital to adapting to climate change in West Africa
A team of doctors affiliated with the University of Western Ontario in Canada has documented a case in which a terminal patient removed from life support continued to experience brain wave activity for approximately 10 minutes after they had been pronounced clinically dead.
Patient brain activity continues for 10 minutes after death
New analysis of Earth's myriad craters turned up no evidence of an impact pattern. Earth is bombarded at random, the research showed.
Earth is bombarded at random, crater study shows

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