Researchers at the University at Buffalo (UB) have developed a new tool to identify poor posture and correct awkward positions for surgeons in the operating room.
New tool aids surgeons with bad posture in the OR
Having children can increase life expectancy, especially in very old age, a new study found.
Being a parent makes you live longer
Children who spend more than three hours a day in front of the TV or a computer may be at greater risk of developing diabetes.
Watching TV three hours a day linked to child diabetes
A team at Lund University in Sweden has identified the earliest stages of Alzheimer's disease using images from before beta-amyloid proteins begin to clump.
Device shows images of earliest stage Alzheimer's
Dr. Denise Fitzgerald, from Queen's University Belfast, said, "I had a dead leg one Sunday morning and it progressed to full paralysis within two hours."
Paralysis inspires MS discovery
Hundreds of people in the UK are regularly taking toxic overdoses of vitamin D in supplements bought online, according to Britain’s leading testing laboratory.
Health warning over toxic levels of vitamin D sold in supplements
Researchers from Canada, South Africa and Italy have identified a new gene that can lead to sudden death among young people and athletes.
Gene found to cause sudden death in young people
Losing weight can be an early sign of serious illness and is not a normal part of the aging process, experts have warned.
Weight loss in pensioners could be early sign of serious illness
Eating broccoli reduces obesity as well as preventing cancer and diabetes, suggested new research.
Eating broccoli may prevent cancer, diabetes
A new study shows detailed consumption advisories have a role in recent years when fish consumption has increased while blood mercury concentrations have decreased among women of childbearing age in the US.
Detailed advisories help bring down blood mercury concentrations among women

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