Counter to what most expected in a globally warming planet, the Southeast of the US has been getting colder during winter and spring months instead of warmer. New research shines a light on the long noticed trend of cooling in the Southeast US during winter and spring months compared to the rest of the continental US.
Southeast US is getting colder instead of warmer
Illustration of an eco-evolutionary feedback loop perpetuated by evolution of carbon cycling traits, in response to climate change.
Climate change, evolution, and what happens when researchers are also friends
Sea levels will rise between 0.7 and 1.2 meters (27-47 inches) in the next two centuries even if governments end the fossil fuel era as promised under the Paris climate agreement, scientists said.
Seas to rise about a meter even if climate goals are met
The Japanese Cabinet has approved a bill designed to boost efforts to reduce the negative effects of global warming.
Japan’s Cabinet adopts bill to reduce global warming damage
Another mass shooting affecting children in school. The large number of dead and wounded attracts headlines and the usual prayers, platitudes and condolences from politicians.
Children and gun violence: Solutions to reducing the epidemic
The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN has warned that hunger in Africa is being made worse by the impacts of climate change.
Food insecurity in Africa is ‘very strongly related to climate change’
Poverty remains a widespread problem. In the UK, 30 percent of children are growing up in poverty. More than half of these children are in working households, and poverty is on the rise even for children whose parents work in government-funded jobs.
Growing up in poverty weakens later health
Tobacco control measures have reduced overall smoking rates in the US from 42 percent in 1965 to 15 percent by the middle of this decade, but a new American Cancer Society report said several vulnerable subpopulations continue to smoke at high rates.
Smoking rates remain alarming for several groups in US
Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Indian Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, and Erik Solheim, UN Under Secretary General and Head of UN Environment, jointly announced that India will be hosting the global World Environment Day celebrations on June 5 2018.
India to host World Environment Day 2018
The dire impact of climate change on the US, spelt out in the federal government’s most recent National Climate Assessment report, looks even worse after further research, according to scientists working in the field.
US climate change outlook worsens after further research

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