The federal government wants to be better prepared for a possible asteroid impact.
NASA, federal agencies aim  to be better prepared for near-Earth objects
Bendable portable keyboards for use with computers and other electronic devices are already on the market, but they have limited flexibility, and they're fairly sizable when rolled up for transport.
Crumple up this keyboard and stick it in pocket
Microelectrodes can be used for direct measurement of electrical signals in the brain or heart. These applications require soft materials, however.
Printing microelectrode array sensors on gummi candy
Scientists have successfully recovered images from some of the earliest daguerreotypes, the silver plates used for one of the earliest forms of photography.
Tiny X-ray beam reveals hidden photographs from the 19th century
There is something very distinct about the air over India and the surrounding countries in South Asia.
Why does India's air look different from space?
Can cows subsist on space food? Scientists want to limit the environmental impacts of livestock feed crop cultivation. New research suggested nutritional livestock feed can be grown in the laboratory.
Lab-grown livestock feed may ease climatic effects of feed production
In northwest Greenland, a pair of glaciers, Tracy and Heilprin, flow side-by-side into Inglefield Gulf, and yet, they're melting at dramatically different rates.
NASA study solves Greenland glacier mystery
Iran’s international ranking in science production has risen from 34 to 16, the Vice President for Technology Sorena Sattari said at the second Iran-Europe cooperation conference in Brussels.
Iran’s int’l ranking in science production rises
MPs are to investigate the environmental impact of throwaway ‘fast fashion’ in the UK amid growing concerns that the multi-billion pound industry is wasting valuable resources and contributing to climate change.
MPs to examine environmental footprint of UK fashion industry
Scientists have identified a new species of ancient marine lizard that lived 75 million years ago.
Fossil reveals new species of ancient marine lizard

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