SAN FRANCISCO: Samsung announced Monday that a voice-powered digital assistant named "Bixby" will debut with a flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone set to be unveiled by the South Korean consumer electronics giant. Bixby enters a crowded field of digital assistants powered by artificial intelligence that includes Apple's Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft
It's official, Samsung's Siri rival Bixby to debut in Galaxy S8
The desertification of the Sahara, which began 10,000 years ago, may have been at least partially caused by humans.
Humans may have triggered desertification of the Sahara
Power plants that burn natural gas produce significantly less pollutants and greenhouse gases than coal-burning plants, according to current estimates of how much methane escapes from such power plants, as well as from oil refineries, and estimates could be off by a wide margin, a new Purdue University study found.
Estimates of emissions from natural gas-fueled plants much too low
Scientists are preparing to measure the inertial rotation of Earth using an underground laser-based gyroscope.
Scientists measure Earth's rotational forces with underground laser gyroscope
The origins of plants may go back hundreds of millions of years earlier than previously thought, according to fossil evidence.
Oldest plants on Earth discovered
Researchers from Sharif University of Technology in Tehran managed to produce the first dairy drink made from milk.
First dairy drink produced in Iran
Researchers at Waseda University in Japan developed a process they say dramatically improves the quality of 3D-printed resin products.
Scientists develop new surface finishing for 3D-printing
Boaty McBoatface, which received its unusual moniker in an online poll last year, is about to embark on its maiden voyage to conduct scientific research.
Boaty McBoatface prepares for first Antarctic mission
Flying cars are on the horizon after Airbus unveiled plans to create a vehicle which is part self-driving and part drone.
First glimpse of part-drive, part drone vehicles
Dinosaur tracks have been found in northeast China's Jilin Province, according to an announcement by scientists from China, the Republic of Korea and the US.
Dinosaur tracks found in NE China

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