An international team including researchers from King's College London have found physical activity can protect against the emergence of depression, regardless of age and geographical region.
Engaging in physical activity decreases people's chance of developing depression
People who have a lot of trouble hearing may be almost twice as likely to experience an accidental injury as individuals with excellent or good hearing, a US study suggested.
Hearing loss tied to higher risk of accidental injuries
Elderly people who are prescribed opioids may be at higher risk for injuries from falls, some of which may be fatal, a Canadian analysis of trauma cases suggested.
For elderly, opioids tied to higher risk of fall-related injuries and deaths
World Malaria Day is observed on April 25 every year to recognize the global effort to control malaria and also to spread awareness about the around the world.
World Malaria Day 2018:  Are you ‘ready to beat Malaria’ this year?
Autistic children's emotions can be managed with cognitive behavioral therapy, according to new research.
Cognitive behavioral therapy helps control autistic kids' emotions
Early-life obesity and depression may be driven by shared abnormalities in brain regions that process rewards, according to researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine.
Pediatric obesity, depression connected in the brain, study finds
Older adults, drink up. You need plenty of water during exercise so your brain gets the full benefits of working out, researchers said.
Hydration may be key to a beneficial workout
Engineers have developed a new way to help injured hearts regenerate using cells derived from human stem cells, potentially leading to better treatments for cardiac medical conditions.
New technique helps injured hearts regenerate via stem cells
Artificial sweeteners could be linked to diabetes and obesity, according to a study of rats and cell cultures.
Artificial sweeteners linked to obesity, diabetes in study
How to live longer is an age old question which many people wish they knew the answer to.
Three simple things you can do to help achieve longevity

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