Heart disease is known to be caused by poor diet, lack of exercise and smoking, but it could also be triggered by toxic metals found in certain foods, including rice, fish, mushrooms and bone broth.
These four foods can contain deadly toxic metals
It's something we all know we should do, but often fall short of —drinking water.
How much water should you drink in a day? (Video)
A treatment which reverses the liver damage caused by a diet high in sugar and processed foods has been developed by scientists.
Scientists develop new drug to counter effects of fast food on liver
Combatting aging and frailty is as preventable as heart disease and diabetes, scientists have claimed.
Social activities could be key to staying young, preventing illness
By Sadeq Dehqan & Katayoon Dashti
Mitral valve replacement without open-heart surgery
Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles said in a study they have identified a new way to activate stem cells in hair follicles to regrow hair.
Scientists find new way to activate stem cells to grow hair
Researchers at The Wistar Institute have created a new immunotherapy technology to treat prostate cancer using synthetic DNA against a cancer specific protein.
Scientists develop new immunotherapy for prostate cancer
People are happier if they are able to feel emotions they desire — even if those emotions are unpleasant, such as anger and hatred, a study suggested.
Anger, hatred can make us feel happy
Women who eat a lot of high-calorie foods may face a slightly higher risk of obesity-related cancers — even if they remain thin, a new study suggested.
High-calorie foods may raise cancer risk in women
Eating almonds may help cut the risk of heart disease. A study suggested that downing a handful every day may help boost levels of (HDL) cholesterol while improving the way it removes cholesterol from the body.
Almonds can boost good cholesterol, lower heart disease risk

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