High cholesterol is often caused by poor diet and smoking. However, it could be thanks to an inherited condition called familial hypercholesterolaemia.
High cholesterol could make you a hundred times more likely to have a heart attack
British scientists are set to revolutionize eyesight treatment after they developed new way to grow human corneas.
Scientists develop new way to grow human corneas
A combination of yoga and aerobic exercise may benefit people with heart disease.
Yoga, aerobics may help with heart disease risk factors
Daily aspirin may reduce the risk of liver cancer for people with hepatitis B infection, a new study suggested.
Aspirin may reduce risk for liver cancer
In the age of Fitbit, the Apple Watch and numerous apps that allow people to count steps — with a daily goal of 10,000 steps, most of the time — many may think walking is only beneficial if you meet certain step goals.
Study finds even regular walking can lower mortality risk
Prediabetes — the stage before a type 2 diagnosis — is on rise, but changing your diet can help prevent symptoms.
Prediabetes, a warning sign to change lifestyle
Regular walking may help older adults live longer, even if they don’t walk enough to meet exercise guidelines, a new study found.
Regular walking may help older adults live longer
How easy you find drifting off at night could be down to your personality, a new study showed.
Introverts more likely to sleep badly
While we often think about how to keep various body parts in tip-top condition — avocado for glowing skin and protein to build muscles, for example — many of us give little thought to our oral health past brushing twice a day and flossing (albeit not as often as we know we should).
The foods to eat for good dental health
The use of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) to treat serious mental health problems is more prevalent in women and older individuals, researchers have found.
Electroconvulsive therapy mostly used on women, older people

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