A single cheeseburger or pizza blow-out can alter metabolism and trigger changes linked to fatty liver disease and diabetes, research has shown.
Just one cheeseburger or pizza binge could alter metabolism
Researchers from the University of Bergen in Norway have found that the secret to Parkinson's disease may be in cells' mitochondria.
Study identifies new mechanisms for Parkinson's treatment
Doctors in England are pioneering the use of a compact MRI scanner for imaging the brains of premature babies.
World's smallest MRI helps tiny babies
The number of women in the United States who take maternity leave has remained stagnant for the past 22 years, despite factors that suggest it should be increasing, according to a new study.
US women taking maternity leave unchanged for two decades
One of the biggest complaints for diabetics is that they hate having to prick their fingers multiple times to test sugar levels throughout the day.
New technology lets diabetics skip multiple finger pricks
As deaths from powerful painkillers continue to rise, Canada is pursuing unprecedented measures to curb their use, including requiring cigarette-style warning stickers on every prescription, Health Minister Jane Philpott told Reuters.
Canada seeks warnings on prescription painkillers
Scientists have made a significant breakthrough in the fight against superbugs.
Scientists develop molecule that reverses antibiotic resistance
Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine have unearthed a connection between advancing age, systemic inflammation, cardiovascular disease and coffee consumption.
Coffee consumption may counter age-related inflammation
The media often portrays women with eating disorders of anorexia and bulimia as untreatable, and sadly, in about one-third of cases that may be true, new research suggested.
Many women with eating disorders do recover

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