Round numbers carry a significance that defies rationality. There is no quantity more important in mathematics than 3.14159, yet humans fixate on big numbers such as 20,000, which the Dow Jones Industrial Average came within a point of hitting on Friday. Close, but no cigar.
Currency war is growing threat to global trade
To get a sense of the newfound resilience of the eurozone economy, consider the case of Jean-Emmanuel Rodocanachi, who runs a chain of French nurseries that made acquisitions last year in Germany and the UK.
Optimism endures for eurozone business
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) said on Monday that its operations for Asia and the Pacific reached an all-time high of $31.5 billion in 2016, a 17 percent increase from $26.9 billion in 2015.
ADB operations reach record high in 2016
China’s overseas investment in renewable energy projects jumped last year by 60 percent to a record $32 billion, marking its leadership in the global market for clean energy, a report said Friday.
China takes global lead in clean energy
Just eight men own the same wealth as the 3.6 billion people who make up the poorest half of humanity, according to a major new report by an international confederation of 19 organizations working in more than 90 countries.
Half of world’s wealth, in pockets of just eight men
The world’s biggest investors are gearing up for a bumpy 2017 on the back of a monumental 2016, where the unexpected happened more often than not.
Why investors are buckling up for 2017?
The Chinese economy is likely to hit bottom in 2017 as several factors will combine to support the bottoming process, a Chinese economist said.
Chinese economy likely to hit bottom in 2017
China's forex regulator is telling banks to keep its instructions about curbing capital outflows secret and to ensure that research analysts keep any negative views about the yuan's prospects to themselves, several bankers said.
Banks forced to cover tracks of China's forex regulator
Oil prices edged up on Friday, supported by reports on details of OPEC output cuts, although lingering doubts over producer compliance with supply reduction targets weighed on the market.
Oil prices edge up
Italy rejected Germany’s request to look closer at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV’s vehicles to ensure they meet European emission rules, as the months-long feud between the countries over the issue escalated.
Italy rejects Germany’s request on Fiat cars in months-long feud

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