Conservation and logging groups in Central and West Africa are failing to fully incorporate local concerns into management, marginalizing the livelihoods of the local population, according to Nathan Clay, PhD candidate in geography, Pennsylvania State, the US.
Conservation practices may leave indigenous African populations behind
It's a figure of speech many of us have likely said during an argument or frustrating situation without really meaning. For a small percentage of the population though, the phrase, "I could kill you," is not so meaningless, according to new Iowa State University research.
Offenders' thoughts may hold answer to reducing crime
Up to 70 percent of hysterectomies in the United States, a quarter of knee replacements in Spain and more than half the antibiotics prescribed in China are inappropriate, overused healthcare, researchers said.
Studies find worrying over- and under-use of medicine worldwide
More than three-fourths of American adults now use a smartphone, helping to boost internet adoption to a record level, a survey showed Thursday.
Smartphone, internet use at record high in US: Survey
Three-fifths of low and middle income households in the UK are currently unable to save money, while for people already saving, the ratio between spending and saving is dramatically falling, researchers say.
Struggling UK families need more help to save

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