When one thinks of Bangladesh, its political leadership naturally comes to mind as the leaders of the country’s major parties are women, including the Prime Minister, the Opposition Leader and the Speaker of the National Parliament.
Women slowly break barriers in Bangladesh
Language is pervasive throughout the criminal justice system. A textual chain follows a person from the moment they are arrested until their day in court, and it is all underpinned by meticulously drafted legislation. At every step, there are challenges faced by laypeople who find themselves in the linguistic webs of the justice system.
Language puts people at a disadvantage in criminal justice system
Traditional cultural norms about gendered roles and femininity still matter for women’s choice of college major, said Ann Beutel of the University of Oklahoma in the US.
Gender norms still important for women’s choice of college major
State Traffic Police Department of Baku in Azerbaijan Republic announced on Thursday that the drunk fleeing driver behind killing of Iranian national has been arrested.
Drunk fleeing Azeri driver behind killing of Iranian national arrested in Baku
A tweet by former US president Barack Obama about the violence in Charlottesville has become the most liked message in the history of Twitter, the company said Wednesday.
Obama post-Charlottesville tweet most liked ever on Twitter
As the mother of a son who went to preschool and a professor in early childhood education, you might imagine Anna Kirova would be preschool’s No. 1 fan. But the educator said she cannot give a black-and-white answer to the question, ‘Do children need preschool?’
Do children need preschool? (video)
Raising the minimum wage by $1 per hour would result in a substantial decrease in the number of reported cases of child neglect, according to a new study coauthored by an Indiana University researcher.
Raising the minimum wage would reduce child neglect cases
While rapid population growth may be the defining feature of the 20th century, with world population nearly quadrupling from 1.6 to 6.1 billion, the hallmark of the 21st century is likely to be population aging.
Population aging: Hallmark of the 21st century
Analysis of EU survey data suggested millions in UK may suffer anxiety as a result of unpredictable management-imposed flexible working hours. Research in supermarkets found workers ‘begging’ for extra hours, and feeling they are being punished with last minute shift changes.
Flexible work affects over four million people in UK
Calle Marti is a modest half-mile boulevard split by a simple winding flagstone path that's bracketed by green grass, pine trees and curving blue cement benches.
Cuba struggling to keep professionals from leaving

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