When you ask a question at a talk, you turn from an anonymous listener sitting in the dark to a speaker in the spotlight. The attention can be nerve-wracking. But an insightful query can bring valuable visibility to junior researchers (not to mention fill in knowledge gaps).
Women ask fewer questions than men at conference talks
Singapore will freeze the number of vehicles on its roads from next February.
Singapore to freeze car numbers
For hundreds of thousands of children in North Carolina, in the US achieving success in school can be a struggle.
Children of immigrants face more barriers to success
Black children may have more severe eczema than white children, but they are less likely to visit a doctor for this common inflammatory skin condition, new research shows.
Black children less likely to receive treatment for eczema
This photo by IRNA shows Afghan children taking education among Iranian students.
Afghan children in Iran
Just half of businesses in New South Wales in Australia have measures that address mental health despite findings that such initiatives in the workplace have real and tangible effects on a company’s bottom line, latest research on NSW companies suggested.
Mental health investments pay, survey finds
The bubbly 15-year-old dreamed of becoming a firefighter, a lawyer, or veterinarian. She was passionate about drawing and spending time outside with her dogs in her small town of Bedford, Pennsylvania, about 100 miles east of Pittsburgh in the US.
Is social media contributing to rising teen suicide rate?
There's a dichotomy and inconsistency among many of today's American parents. Many parents aren't afraid to push their children really hard when it comes to athletics and emphasize the connection between hard work and athletic achievement.
Americans push their kids harder in sports than school
When Leticia Miranda had a job selling newspapers on the streets, she earned about $160 a month, just enough to pay for a tiny apartment she shared with her 8-year-old son in a poor neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro.
Millions return to poverty in Brazil
They are some of society's most vulnerable children in the UK — those taken into care.
UK children in care left without a school place

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