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Published: 0459 GMT July 07, 2018

US repeats mistakes about Iran: Ron Paul

US repeats mistakes about Iran: Ron Paul

Former US Congressman Ron Paul says the US is repeating the mistakes it has been making since the time of the US-led 1953 coup in Iran and is naive to think the notorious anti-Iran terrorist group, the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) could be a viable political force.

“The group is trying to change the regime in Iran, that means that Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United States are working on it,” Paul said on his Liberty Report show on Friday, emphasizing foreign support for the terrorist group.  

Paul said every once in a while MKO members try to infiltrate his website and reminded viewers of MKO's collaboration with the Baathist regime of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein..

He later recalled the downing of Iran’s civilian aircraft by a US Navy guided-missile cruiser over the Persian Gulf in 1988 and said Iranian citizens will not easily forget such incidents, Presstv reported.

The MKO had been on the US terrorism list for more than 15 years until Secretary of State Hillary Clinton decided to remove them from the list in 2012.

The Ron Paul Institute's website emphasizes the group has “killed plenty of Americans, including high-ranking US military officers. Now the CIA, along with neoconservatives and many US politicians, has embraced the MKO as the best "democratic" alternative to Iran's current government. Did you know the "former" terrorist MKO paid current Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao $50,000 for a five minute speech in 2015? Crazy? Her husband is the Senate Majority Leader [Mitch McConnell]. In Washington that's money well-spent.

The institute calls CIA's plan for Iranian regime change with the help of the MKO as “incredibly stupid.”

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