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Published: 0321 GMT October 09, 2017

Iran's 'Retouch' captures Chinese Silk Road award

Iran's 'Retouch' captures Chinese Silk Road award

Iranian short 'Retouch', directed by Kaveh Mazaheri, won the third award in the Silk Road Competition section in China's Jinzhen International Short Film Festival.

In addition to 'Retouch', the festival's first edition hosted four Iranian short films, namely: 'Hasti' by Kamal Parnak, 'Silence' by Ali Asgari and Farnoush Samadi, 'Taking Care of Jonas' by Qaside Golmakani and 'The Man Who Wasn't Here' by Ata Mojabi. The films competed in International competition, Silk Road and Grand Prix sections.

Produced by Iranian Young Cinema Society, 'Retouch' is about a young woman whose husband dies before her eyes while she cannot do anything but to witness this tragic scene.

Earlier, 'Retouch' received awards from renowned festivals, including Tribeca, Krakow and Palm Springs, and has been qualified as a nominee for the Academy Awards. The short film has been showcased in more than ten festivals approved by the Academy. Golden Spike Award and Silver Spike Award are the major awards of the festival with cash awards of €60,000 and €20,000 respectively.

The First Hancheng Jinzhen International Short Film Festival was held in Hancheng, China from October 1 to 8, 2017.

Jinzhen International Short Film Festival is an international short film competition jointly organized by Hancheng Jinzhen Film Development Co., Ltd. And international short film organizations.

Jinzhen International Short Film Festival has established 'Jinzhen International Short Film Association' with 26 countries and regions such as Germany, South Korea, France, the United States, New Zealand, Britain, and Hong Kong. The association is committed to promote the communication, cooperation and transaction among the member countries and lead Chinese short films integrate with international short film industry.

By taking advantage of the influence of well-known international film festivals and absorbing their operational experience, Jinzhen aims to establish a platform which attracts the attention of industry experts and the attention of people who are engaged in international short films; to arouse earnest interest and sustained attention of the general public in short films and culture of the city; to stimulate tourism industry; to enhance the visibility and popularity of the city.

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