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Published: 1148 GMT October 09, 2017

Mental disorders more prevalent among women

Mental disorders more prevalent among women
Arash Mirabzadeh (R) talking to Iran Daily reporter.

By Sadeq Dehqan

Mental disorders are more common in women than in men, said scientific secretary of 34th Annual Congress of Iranian Psychiatric Association.

Arash Mirabzadeh told Iran Daily that based on studies conducted across the country, the rate of mental disorders in women stands at 26.5 percent whereas the figure is 20.6 percent for men.

He said women have numerous responsibilities given their role and status in society. They should do household chores and raise children, he added.

They also undergo mental and physical strains and hardship during pregnancy and labor, he said.

Women should play the role of mother. They should go to work — placing further stress on them.

He said physiological changes in women such as premature puberty, menopause and pregnancy make them more susceptible to mental disorders.

Statistics show that 23.6 percent of Iranian people aged between 15 and 65 suffer mental disorders, he said, adding that the figure is on the rise each year.

According to him, expansion of urban life and modern lifestyle, noise pollution, living in small homes and apartments, long working hours, reduced chances of visiting relatives have raised tension among people — exposing them to mental disorders.

He said that mental disorders are heritable, adding that biological, psychological and social factors are effective in triggering the disease.

Genetics also play a major role in setting off mood disorders, he said.

Some are afraid of referring to psychiatrist since they assume other people may consider them mad or psychic, he said.

People should know that when a person suffers mental disorders, he/she is no different from those who have physical ailment, he added.

He continued that mental diseases have numerous aspects, one of them is physical changes in the brain.

This doesn’t mean that a person with mental disorder has a bad character or has low self-esteem, he said.

He/she does not play any role in this, he added.

Mirabzadeh also said a person with mental health problems should know that drug does not addict him/her.

He/she should learn that how to handle this mental disorder, he added.

Society can also have an impact on a person and his/her mental health, he added.

Policymakers should therefore adopt strategies to reduce people’s tension, he said.

Annual Congress of Iranian Psychiatric Association will be held at Martyr Gharazi Hall of Milad Hospital in Tehran during October 17-20, he concluded.

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