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Published: 0304 GMT July 23, 2017

Saudi plots against Iran

Saudi plots against Iran

By Hadi Khosroshahi*

The recent approach of the Kuwaiti government to reduce diplomatic ties with Iran indicates that hegemonic powers continue to fuel tensions among Arab states and push them to adopt anti-Tehran stances.

The decision of a Saudi-led bloc to boycott Qatar had also been preplanned. It was rooted in policies pursued by US President Donald Trump.

Although Saudi Arabia and its allies are unable to implement such a policy against Iran, they seek to intensify pressures against the Islamic Republic. 

Kuwait is a small sheikhdom influenced by Saudi Arabia.

Presently, Riyadh has heightened political and financial pressures on Kuwait to push the nation to coordinate its policies with the kingdom.

Saudis who are concerned about the expansion of Iran’s regional influence among Muslim nations are attempting to isolate the Islamic Republic.

They are pursuing this goal through lobbies with the West and exerting political pressures.

Iran has never sought to sever relations with countries or adopt hostile approaches. However, it seems that Tehran should adopt a measured and powerful stance against the policies of Saudi Arabia and its allies.

These countries must understand that they cannot inhibit Iran’s development and growth. These states should know that extending hegemony over Iran is only a dream and that the Islamic Republic does not need to adopt policies like Saudi Arabia because of Tehran’s spiritual influence over other nations.

The Daesh-claimed terror attack in Tehran provided a good opportunity to highlight Riyadh’s role in sponsoring terrorism in the world.  

Meanwhile, Iran should encourage Kuwait to adopt independent policies and highlight bilateral potentials as well as good neighborly ties.

Arab states are aware that Saudi Arabia seeks to extend its anti-Qatar policy to wrest control of their nations in a bid to undermine Iran’s clout.

Saudis invaded Yemen and supported terrorists in Iraq and Syria before initiating their anti-Qatar policy. The kingdom will soon begin to dominate other Arab nations.

To sum up, Iran needs to adopt a moderate approach while wielding its strong clout in ties with neighboring countries.


*Hadi Khosroshahi formerly served as the head of Iran’s interests section in Egypt.



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