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Published: 0214 GMT July 12, 2017

Turquoise domes rooted in Iranian traditions

Turquoise domes rooted in Iranian traditions

By Sadeq Dehqan & Hamideh Hosseini

An Iranian painter Mani Emadi is holding an exhibition in which turquoise domes makes him distinct from other artists.

Iran Daily conducted an interview with Emadi, a PhD graduate from Art Research Center in the University of Tehran and a Soureh University professor, to know more about his style of surrealist painting.

The art exhibition opened on July 11 and will run until July 16 at Saba Art and Cultural Institute in Tehran.

Excerpts from the interview follow:


IRAN DAILY: Please tell us briefly about the artworks in this exhibition.

MANI EMADI: The exhibition features 11 paintings in the dimension of 100cmX70cm. I have used oil colors plus a little bit acrylic in my paintings. I have spent six years on these works among which 11 have been selected for the current exhibition. I created the paintings in surrealist style. In another words, they are beyond what we face in the reality. The atmosphere in these works are not seen around us. For instance, monuments or mosques which you see here, are not available in reality and we cannot put a specific name for them.


What is the importance of turquoise domes which are evident in your works?

They might be either a reflection of our traditional atmospheres which are on the verge of extinction or rooted in my childhood.


Why did you choose surrealism style for your paintings?

Despite a large number of artists who choose their subjects before starting to paint, this exhibition's artworks were painted without a primary theme or subject. I began creating them without thinking about their theme.


Generally, all your paintings revolve around a building? What is the reason for that?

Human beings who are living in the present time are witnessing destructions of some buildings and monuments in addition to the demise of traditions around us. These have obsessed my mind for a long time. Such degenerating trend could be shown in the frame of a building which can consequently reflect either a real building or a mindset which is approaching destruction.


What do you mean by the mental atmospheres in these paintings?

I believe that the desire for mysterious and obscure atmospheres is fading in my life as well as in those of all the people. Popular lifestyles are changing and are getting farther from mysterious atmospheres. In the past, beautiful and mysterious myths accompanied people's lives. For instance, long time ago people were so much willing to go for metaphysics and life after death, while today humans do not show any desire for them.

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