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Published: 0827 GMT June 19, 2017

Crushing response to Daesh manifestation of Iran’s missile power: MP

Crushing response to Daesh manifestation of Iran’s missile power: MP

Iran’s missile attack against Daesh in Syria was a crushing response to the terrorist group as well as a message saying that international community should get determined in fighting terrorism, a member of the Iranian Parliament said on Monday.

“The Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) had warned that the terrorist attacks would not go unanswered,” the Parliament (Majlis) National Security and Foreign Policy Committee member Ali Reza Rahimi told IRNA, referring to the June 7 attacks on the parliament and Imam Khoemini’s Shrine, claimed by Daesh .

18 people, mostly civilians, were killed and dozens more were injured.

IRGC vowed that it would take revenge on the perpetrators and sponsors of the terror attacks.

Last night, IRGC announced that in a retaliatory measure, Daesh positions in the Eastern Deir al-Zour Province in Syria were targeted in a missile attack.

The missile attack was a punitive measure against Daesh as well as a manifestation of Iran’s resolution in pursuing military and non-military goals, according to the Member of Parliament.

“This is the first time that Iran’s missile power was put on display for the world,” he said, adding that the enemies should know that in case of any invasion or violation of international laws, they would be confronted by a crushing response.

“International powers should be more serious in combating Daesh and other terrorist groups, in practice rather than in words, avoiding time killing and manipulating terrorism for pursuing their own interests,” he affirmed.

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