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Published: 0302 GMT May 16, 2017
Government’s achievements in cultural heritage sector remarkable

Tous revival calls for unified management

Tous revival calls for unified management

Cultural Heritage Desk

Fifty museums have been established by the private sector during the tenure of current government which took office in August 2013, said the deputy head of Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization.

Speaking at a ceremony to commemorate the great Iranian epic poet Abolqasem Ferdowsi in Mashhad, Khorasan Razavi Province, Mohammad-Hassan Talebian further said that current government used cultural diplomacy for the first time to repatriate Iran's historical assets.

It also cooperated with Armenia and Iraq on cultural commonalities and Iranian monuments outside the country's borders, he said.

In addition, joint dossiers were created for registering Norouz (Iranian New Year), Lavash (flat bread), the musical instrument kamancheh and Chogan (ancient Iranian polo).

He cited the registration of five Iranian relics on the list of tangible cultural heritage and two others on the list of intangible cultural heritage as the other achievements of incumbent administration.

Talebian said revival of historical city of Tous calls for unified management of administrative bodies.

He added that given its cultural and historical potentials, Tous has been placed on UNESCO's preliminary list for registration on the World Heritage List.

Revival of Tous is in line with commemorating the exalted status of Ferdowsi, he said.

He continued that Tous has a strategic council. The plan for organizing the historical city of Tous, which stretches from Kashfroud to Ferdowsi’s Mausoleum, has been drawn up. It is ready to be ceded to investors, he added.

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