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Published: 0643 GMT April 20, 2017

Rouhani: JCPOA relieved nation of problems

Rouhani: JCPOA relieved nation of problems

President Hassan Rouhani said on Thursday that the people who paid for the sanctions and Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) relieved them of problems.

Addressing inaugural ceremony of 400 developmental and economic projects via videoconference, he said, 'Our financial transactions with the world was such that transferring or receiving money had been charging us 11 percent in charges while the figure has declined to three percent today' , IRNA reported.

Referring to multiple achievements of the 2015 nuclear deal, the top executive said, 'JCPOA saved us. One of its impacts is breaking down siege on Iran.'

'Today, we sell oil to whoever we want and for any currency we wish,' he said, hailing the achievements of the landmark deal reached between Iran and six world major powers in 2015.

Pointing to the industrial development I n South Pars, Rouhani said that the biggest ever investment in the history of Iran's history was made in this facility, as six phases have already been inaugurated and this is unprecedented. 

Prior to the implementation of JCPOA, the bread in people's tablecloth used to come from abroad, but today, all wheat needed is produced domestically and three million tons are being exported, he said.

'Our people created a great epic in 2013,' he said, referring to presidential election which brought him to office.

'If the government failed to put the economy back on its rail, six major world powers did not sit for talks with us,' the president said making a reference to the prolonged nuclear negotiations which led to the landmark 2015 international pact.

Describing public confidence as his administration's biggest asset, Rouhani said that if the government has managed to do something, it was in the wake of public confidence. 

The people believe in the government which will leave behind all the problems with this asset, he said.

The government lowered inflation rate from 45 percent to 15 percent and it was through the unity between the government and nation that non-oil exports overtook imports for the first time during the past 62 years, he said. 

He also hailed agriculture development projects inaugurated in Shiraz, saying that agriculture has been revolutionized in the country in recent years and it will push the country towards self-sufficiency.

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