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Published: 0752 GMT April 19, 2017

Dehqan: Terrorists commit crimes with US-made weapons

Dehqan: Terrorists commit crimes with US-made weapons

Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan said on Wednesday that Takfiri-Wahhabi terrorists commit crimes with US-made weapons across the world, particularly in Syria and Iraq.

The Iranian minister’s remarks was in response to a recent claim made by US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, who had earlier said Yemen’s Houthi movement is firing “Iranian supplied missiles” into Saudi Arabia, IRNA reported.

“I advise the US defense secretary to study the history of US military confrontations and inhumane crimes in Vietnam, Iraq, Somalia, and Afghanistan and recently in Syria and Yemen to find a way out of the self-trapped quagmire, then they will find the root causes of US allegations against others,” he said.

Dehqan added that the US officials should be aware that the era of bullying, blame games and interventions is over.

The Iranian defense minister said that it would be better if US officials resolved their domestic issues and avoided creating crises and triggering flames of wars in Korea and the Middle East.

Speaking to reporters on his way to Riyadh on Tuesday, the US defense secretary said, “It has gone on for a long time, we see Iranian supplied missiles being fired by the Houthis into Saudi Arabia and this is something… that has simply got to be brought to an end.”

While US officials keep making allegations against Iran, they opt to close their eyes to the plight of Yemen’s defenseless people who have been under massive attacks by a coalition led by the Saudi Arabia for more than two years.


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