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Published: 0656 GMT April 18, 2017

Anti-government propaganda will backfire

Anti-government propaganda will backfire

By Morteza Moballegh*

Nowadays, presidential hopefuls are unveiling the lists of their programs and measures to lure voters. However, a glance at these programs shows that they mostly fail to be scientific and are unachievable.

Meanwhile, some of the presidential candidates have launched smear campaigns under the pretext of resolving the country’s problems.

Their propaganda has focused on Rouhani’s performance.

In other words, no presidential nominee has made any precise and scientific remark to deal with political, economic, social and other problems. They have instead chanted unrealistic, emotional and impractical slogans to tarnish the Rouhani government’s image.  Such hopefuls are attempting to capitalize on shortcomings, which are in fact the results of the previous administration and require years to get back to square on where Rouhani picked up. The critiques are the same who supported the previous administration unequivocally.  

Political parties are expected to launch electioneering campaigns based on national interests and propose practical plans to overcome the existing problems in the country instead of pressing ahead with their destructive measures (against the incumbent government).

Such an ambience, which is based on impractical plans, brings about consequences.

The candidates who create such an atmosphere are promoting despair among the people. This is while the country is facing many international and regional crises and it needs to strengthen people’s trust in the government and the Islamic establishment more than ever.

Indeed, the destructive approach of these nominees will also boomerang. This is because the society will realize that they have entered the presidential race under the pretext of serving people. Hence, more people will be encouraged to go to the polls in a bid to show their disapproval of such smear campaigns.

Moreover, despite the immoral policy pursued by the anti-government candidates, the administration has spared no efforts to expound on its achievements, shed light on the country’s problems and shortcomings as well as touch upon the reasons that have caused these predicaments.

This will help people to grasp realities and reject those who intend to create crises for the nation. Consequently, the candidate who cares about national interests will emerge victorious.


Morteza Moballegh is a political activist.



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