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Published: 0723 GMT March 07, 2017

US could use JCPOA as historic opportunity

US could use JCPOA as historic opportunity

By Jalal Sadatian*

The JCPOA, which is an international accord, was reached between Iran and the P5+1 after holding tough and protracted negotiations.  

The UN Security Council also issued Resolution 2231 to endorse the deal.

As a result, no country can refuse to comply with commitments made under the JCPOA. Accordingly, the US government’s non-commitment to the deal will have consequences for Washington.

The US will not only fail to take advantage of the deal but will have its own image tarnished.

Washington could have benefited from the golden opportunity created by the JCPOA to patch up ties between the two countries after decades of political estrangement. Nonetheless, American officials created conditions which fueled mistrust and deepened bilateral differences.

The JCPOA could have resolved contentious issues between Iran and the US. However, Washington’s non-commitments, particularly its refusal to remove banking restrictions against the Islamic Republic, fueled Tehran’s mistrust toward America.

Since Donald Trump took the helm of the Oval Office on January 20, he has adopted a double standard toward the Iran nuclear deal. This stems from his inexperience in executive and political affairs.

Trump has made remarks on the basis of his populist policies to impress his supporters. But there is a large gap between the world of reality and slogans.

The Republican billionaire has refused to pursue a logical approach toward Iran and the JCPOA. He also issued an executive order against immigrants which posed major challenges to his administration.

The order not only drew the reaction of the US judicial system but also sparked worldwide condemnation.

If the US government follows a logical stance in dealing with foreign policy issues, including the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and the Iran nuclear deal, it will be able to ease regional tensions. Such a stance will also benefit the Trump administration. Otherwise, Washington would have to experience new defeats, one after another.

Trump should know that Iran plays a key role in regional developments. Tehran is also a big economic hub in the Middle East.

Since the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, the US has had no scruples about hatching plots against Iran. However, such plots have failed to deal a severe blow to the Islamic establishment.

On the whole, the US can use the JCPOA as an historic opportunity to resolve many bilateral problems.


*Jalal Sadatian is an international affairs analyst.


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