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Published: 0735 GMT March 06, 2017

Trump to promote anti-Iran policy

Trump to promote anti-Iran policy

By Hassan Hanizadeh*

US President Donald Trump is presently embroiled in domestic crisis due to his controversial remarks.

He is facing challenges including the alleged links between his senior advisors and Russian officials, and phone-tapping allegations against his former predecessor Barack Obama.

Despite such crises, the Trump administration will promote its anti-Iran policy in the following months.

His government will seek to create a division between Iran, Russia and China. Later, the White House will also make attempts to weaken China.

The US president claims that he does not want to interfere in other nations’ affairs. However, his decisions show that he is pursuing a hegemonic approach. A week ago, Trump announced he wants a $54 billion increase in defense spending in his first budget, taking the country's total military expenses to over $600 billion.

This shows that he seeks to increase Washington’s interventionist role. It could also herald as a sign that the White House is planning to boost its military presence in the Middle East and East Asia.

The Republican billionaire has an adventurous personality and has said he will make efforts to maintain his country’s military might.

As a result, tensions in the Middle East could escalate, which would result in creating a fresh wave of instability.

Presently, US proxy wars are ongoing in the region. The war in Yemen which has led to the death of more than 11,000 people and the so-called battle against Daesh terrorists in Syria — launched by the US and its Western and regional allies — are a tip of the iceberg.

Trump is also expected to fuel tensions between Tehran and Washington. His executive order aimed at banning citizens from Iran and six other Muslim-majority countries from entering the US, as well as new anti-Iran sanctions are considered as a prelude to creating fresh bilateral tensions.

Presently, Saudi Arabia and some of its allies are planning to establish an anti-Iran front in the region.

Undoubtedly, the US will manage such plans aimed at exerting pressure on Iran.

Trump’s decision to increase military spending also indicates that he is mulling over plans to expand Washington’s military presence in East Asia. This would contribute to escalating tensions between Washington and Beijing.

* Hassan Hanizadeh is a political analyst. 


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