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Published: 0559 GMT February 17, 2017

Hezbollah chief urges Israel to dismantle Dimona nuclear reactor

Hezbollah chief urges Israel to dismantle Dimona nuclear reactor

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned that the Lebanese resistance group, in any future round of fighting with Israel, would not only hit the tank where Israel's stocks of ammonia are stored but also hit the nuclear reactor in Dimona.

"In Israel, they know that Hezbollah has the possibility of reaching the nuclear reactor, which is antiquated, and it doesn't require major force to hit," Nasrallah said, Haaretz reported.

"We will hit the ammonia tank wherever it is," Nasrallah said.

He made the comments Thursday during a ceremony commemorating the martyrs of Hezbollah as well as the national army.

The Hezbollah chief said Tel Aviv once took our warning seriously and scrambled to “empty out its ammonia tank after our threat to target it, but we’ll reach it out wherever they take it to.”

“I call upon Israel not only to evacuate the ammonia tank from Haifa, but also to dismantle Dimona nuclear facility,” Nasrallah said.

Israel's only stock of ammonia is currently stored in an industrial tank in the Haifa.

Referring to Haifa's relative proximity to Lebanon, he added: "Of course, Haifa would be easier but we will hit it anywhere." He also commented on recent reports regarding the danger posed by ammonia transported to Haifa by ship that then anchors at the Haifa port every several weeks. "We can also reach the ship," Nasrallah declared.

Pointing to the last Israeli aggression against Lebanon in 2006, Nasrallah said: "Israel's leaders thought in 2006 that they had enough intelligence information against Hezbollah. We always have things to hide, and that's part of our strategy. You'll be surprised at what we are hiding and this can lead to a dramatic change in any future campaign."

Touching on the inauguration in January of US President Donald Trump, a staunch supporter of Tel Aviv, Nasarllah said the new leader in the White House might allow or encourage Israel to launch a new war against Lebanon.

However, he said, Trump’s Middle East policies are still not clear given the struggles and changes inside his cabinet.

He stressed that the resistance movement has no fear of enemies as its power base lies in the popular support it has inside Lebanon as well as the strong stance of Lebanese President Michel Aoun.


 ‘Death of Israel-Palestine talks’

The Hezbollah head further pointed to a meeting between Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington earlier this week, saying the outcome of their talks signaled an end to the negotiations on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the last round of which broke down in 2014.

“After what came out after the meeting between Netanyahu and Trump, I am not exaggerating if I say that yesterday there was a semi-official announcement of the death of the path of negotiations,” Nasrallah said.

Speaking alongside Netanyahu on Wednesday, Trump ditched Washington’s decades-long policy of supporting a so-called two-state solution to the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis.

The Hezbollah leader further said the so-called two-state solution was “meaningless to us,” but it was the only hope left amid efforts to revive the conflict resolution talks between Israelis and Palestinians.


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