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Published: 0356 GMT February 17, 2017

Syrian writer living in refugee camp educates women, children

Syrian writer living in refugee camp educates women, children

Syrian writer Ebtisam Shakush, who has been named 'Best Female Writer' five times in Egypt, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, has found happiness in Turkey. Currently, the acclaimed woman of letters, pens and books is reflecting the pain of war while educating children and women.

Shakush, 57, fled from Aleppo, Syria, when the armed conflict began to intensify. She first traveled to Egypt and then Jordan and Lebanon before seeking refuge at the Temporary Accommodation Center in Şanlıurfa's Ceylanpınar district, according to

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Shakush said she prefers to live in the 'tent city' in Şanlıurfa, which she thinks is beneficial to other Syrians. Claiming that she was unable to find peace before she came to Turkey, Shakush said: "Before I came to Turkey, I went to Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon but I see that the people of Turkey are taking good care of the Syrians in their country. I chose to live here to be in the service of my fellow countrymen and women."

Shakush wrote a total of 13 novels back in her native country and continues to write in Turkey. She is telling her story as a woman who became a refugee. "I traveled to so many countries before settling in Turkey. It was a tough experience to live in the tent city as a woman at first but I got used to living here in time. I teach Syrian children and women how to read and write to Syrian children. I also offer them lessons on morality and culture. I try my best to be of benefit for the people living in this tent city. I am in the process of writing books for children focusing on Islamic ethics," Sakush said.

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