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Published: 0717 GMT January 08, 2017

Trump’s new maneuver

Trump’s new maneuver

By Fereydoon Majlesi

US media reported last week that the transition team of President-elect Donald Trump has issued a blanket mandate for politically appointed ambassadors installed by President Barack Obama to leave their posts by Inauguration Day.

The mandate is an unprecedented and strange measure.

The order should be taken into consideration from two angles.

Trump made statements during his presidential campaign but later changed his remarks. He, however, as the next US president, must stick to his words because the presidential campaign is now over.

Second, his demand that all political appointees for the Obama administration submit their resignation is a maneuver.

Trump is seeking to show that he wants to implement widespread changes. His transition team issued the verdict as a sign that the business mogul intends to initiate the changes from the foreign policy apparatus.

Naturally, all US governments gradually replaced former political appointees when they took office.

However, Trump’s move is strange because he has suddenly called on all foreign diplomats to resign.

In fact, he wants to flaunt his clout and convey the message that he is in control of everything.

Nonetheless, his move is construed as a slap in face for Democrats.

Meanwhile, Trump needs the Senate confirmation to appoint ambassadors, which means that he will not be able to change all ambassadors all of a sudden.

Trump had earlier made such odd decisions.

In an interview with PBS NewsHour that aired Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden was asked about Trump's tweets.

Biden responded it was time for Trump to "be an adult".

The vice president may be right. Trump should stop stubborn actions which could cost his country dear. 

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