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Published: 0259 GMT January 07, 2017

Local class aims to help people quit tobacco for good

Local class aims to help people quit tobacco for good

If quitting smoking is one of your goals for 2017, a local class may be able to help you out with that.

CHI St. Francis Medical Center located  in Grand Island of  Nebraska in US will soon be offering a tobacco cessation class called ‘Freedom from Tobacco,’ starting this coming Tuesday, January 10. Anyone wanting to quit smoking is encouraged to attend, wrote.

The cost of the program will be a one-time fee of $25. The class will meet once a week for seven weeks with the exception of one week where members will come together twice to prepare for what the instructor calls ‘Quit Night’.

While putting down the cigarette or dip is certainly not an easy task, some say the class creates a sense of community, which helps make it easier to quit.

"Here we get a group of people that are smoking or using some kind of tobacco products. They're sharing and helping each other out with whatever kind of urges are hitting them, how they are changing their lifestyles. Maybe someone says 'exercise is helping," said Jenny Roush, Community Outreach Coordinator at CHI Saint Francis Cancer Treatment Center.

One local oncologist fully supports the class, as well. He sees a lot of patients who have suffered major health issues from smoking. According to this oncologist, lung cancer is the most common smoking-related disease. But it definitely doesn't stop there.

"That's not it though, and certainly when patients get to me with smoking-related cancer, it's not too late. We'd like to cure that stage one lung cancer and also prevent that heart attack that could also be associated with smoking further on down the road, too," said David Crockett, oncologist and hematologist at CHI St. Francis Medical Center.

Crockett goes on to say that while he may be able to treat patients who have smoking-related cancer, it should never get to that point and people need to stop using tobacco if they are serious about their health.

While smoking cigarettes is certainly bad for you, new studies are coming out that say vaping and e-cigarettes aren't that much better.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking flavored tobacco in the form of hookah can be just as addictive as cigarettes.

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