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Published: 0737 GMT December 28, 2016

Trump gov’t collection of threats, opportunities

Trump gov’t collection of threats, opportunities

By Sadeq Haqiqat University Lecturer

The election of Donald Trump as the next US president has raised questions about the policies he will adopt towards Iran and what approaches the Islamic Republic will adopt. There are many factors and dimensions to these questions, some of which are as follows:

First, Donald Trump’s victory in the US election was very difficult to predict. The majority of media experts were shocked after Trump managed to beat his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.  Iranians, too, failed to predict that the business mogul would be able to take the helm of the White House.

Secondly, some believe the election of Trump will benefit Iran’s forging policy. This is because Clinton would have pursued anti-Iran plans due to her strong bonds with Arab states and Israel.

Besides, it seems that the Islamic Republic and the Trump administration will have convergent views over fighting against Daesh in Iraq and Syria, as well as in cooperation with Russia. However, other experts say that Trump is unpredictable and might take unexpected measures.

Thirdly, anti-Iran groups have held meetings in the US as Trump is preparing to take the helm of the White House. Such meetings do not send good signals to Tehran.

Fourthly, Trump’s team is completely different from Obama’s team. The US president-elect is a businessman and adopts populist and emotional approaches. Trump’s picks for some posts shed light on such differences.

Fifth, Democrats have closer bonds with Arab states and Israel. Nonetheless, Saudi Arabia has drawn up anti-Iran plans to reach deals with the Trump administration.

Sixth, the non-interventionist policies that Trump has vowed to pursue make it easy to deal with his administration. Hence, it seems that he will not get involved in a military confrontation with the Islamic Republic.

Seventh, it is believed that Washington’s foreign policy is systematic and new presidents will be unable to considerably alter such policy. However, US presidents have enormous authority and they can, for example, issue orders for attacking other countries.

Eighth, it is expected that Iran will adopt a coherent approach with regard to Trump’s policies. Nonetheless, some Iranian officials regard the Trump government as a threat while others say his administration will benefit Iran.

On the aggregate, the Trump government will be a collection of opportunities and threats for the Islamic Republic.

On the one hand, Tehran and the Trump administration will have convergent views on the battle against Daesh terrorists.

On the other hand, some of his picks have intensified anti-Iran rhetoric. His own remarks against Tehran, such as threats to hamper the implementation of the nuclear deal, also remain a controversial issue.


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