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Published: 0952 GMT December 11, 2016

US, allies, fueling wave of terror in Middle East: Analyst

US, allies, fueling wave of terror in Middle East: Analyst

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani says the chaos in the Middle East has its roots in a “strategic mistake” by major powers and regional players, which are using terrorism as a tool to pursue their agenda. He has also criticized a lack of “political vigilance” in regional nations, particularly their young generations, as another factor fueling instability in the region.

Michael Springmann, author of “Visas for Al Qaeda” believes the United States and its regional allies are the ones, who have been fueling the wave of terror in the Middle East, adding that they have essentially recruited, trained and supported the terrorists.  

“So it is basically the Americans and their repressive allies, who have created this issue and who are exploiting the issue and who have destroyed the Arab and Muslim world,” the analyst told Press TV in an interview on Sunday.

He also pointed out that the Americans used the September 11, 2001 to get deeply involved in the region, and to send soldiers, aircraft and warships there.

He went on to say that the Americans are not going to leave the region unless and until they are “forced out.”

The analyst further noted the United States and its allies simply do not want to recognize “independent, sovereign, [and] economically viable states” in the Middle East.

“The region had been in the grip of colonial powers and they were gradually cast off and now the Americans and the Israelis are back, taking the role of the former colonial masters and doing their very best to control and direct the internal operation of the government and the economies of the states in the region,” he said.

Springmann further argued that US President-elect Donald Trump’s appointment of military men, who have a great desire to employ the use of force in the region, will make the situation worse instead of better.

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